FFYX AA36MKIII flagship air bearing tonearm & mini pump for record player

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FFYX AA36MKIII flagship air bearing tonearm & mini pump for record player.
100% Brand New

This price is for an Air-bearing tonearm + micro-pump!


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Extremely short effective length, extremely flexible tracking, excellent low frequency performance, improved sound and air quality
Air-bearing straight-line tracking tonearm
Non-glossy rail design, not afraid of dust, will not block the pores
Ultra-quiet micro-pump, no audible noise, can be placed directly in the listening room
Super tracking ability, 0.5g acupressure can also be normal tracking
Acupressure, VTA, tracking angle, level and other important parameters can be precisely adjusted
For the general vocal arm, basically the longer and heavier the sound, the more stable and loud the sound, while for the straight arm, after repeated comparisons, the shorter the shorter the light, the better the sound, and the lower frequencies are more heavy, more stable, and more airy. The sense of agility, air and analytical power are also better. Its sense of hearing is obviously superior to AA25! The straight arm of
Clearaudio gave me inspiration. So a shorter and lighter air float arm - AA36 was born! ! This arm has a fuller mid-low frequency, and the tone of the tone is extremely rich, full of wonderful sounds. When the drum came out, the explanation was extremely clear, and it was able to feel the tension of the drum skin deeply! The tightness of the strings of the guqin can also be clearly expressed, and the moist sound of the strings brings out full house harmonics.

Pump Dimension:222mmx150mmx311mm(W*H*L)
Weight: about 9KG

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