FFYX A181 flagship tangent tonearm air-bearing ultra-precision for turntable

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FFYX A181 flagship tangent tonearm air-bearing ultra-precision for turntable with micro-pump
100% Brand New

This price is for an Air-bearing tonearm + micro-pump! Tonearm board can be customized, which is suitable for most turntable on the market.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Air-bearing straight-line tracking tonearm
Slideway non-glossy design, not afraid of dust will not clog pores
Ultra-quiet micro-pump, can be placed directly in the listening room
Superior tracking ability, 0.5g needle reduction can also be normal tracking
The new flagship vinyl tonearm, the overall structure of the tonearm to strengthen from one fixed point to fixed three points, the workpiece processing accuracy, with the accuracy again improved. Working more smooth and stable. Increase VTA scale, tangent angle scale, air float rail Tilt scale and horn tracking scale. Adjustment range 0.1MM, more intuitive, convenient, precise. Tonearm connection using the Italian ART custom alloy singing arm line, the line body and its soft, does not affect the tracing, help cartridge to explore more details. The alloy wire makes the signal transmission more smooth, less loss of detail. RCA output is also the Italian ART custom alloy terminal, fine workmanship, pull plug feel excellent, close contact, the overall thickness of the sound, density, fullness, details, Looseness increases greatly

Pump Dimension:222mmx150mmx311mm(W*H*L)
Weight: about 9KG

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