ToneWinner AD-3/AD-3D HiFi Class A Integrated Amp Upgraded Black

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ToneWinner AD-3/AD-3D Hi-Fi Class A Integrated Amplifier full Balanced XLR come with remote control brand new
Upgraded Edition(Full Black)

If your sound source is a good CD player, please choose AD-3.
If your sound source is a DVD player, please choose AD-3D, it come with a DAC with USA AD-1955 24bit/192KHz DAC IC to get the sound better.

What difference is between the Regular Edition(Silver + Black) and Upgraded Edition(Full Black)?

1. The Upgraded Edition is full black aluminum alloy.
the style appears stable atmosphere, with bright silver knob more prominent design on the level of the panel sense.

2. The regular Edition' s Ruby capacitor are changed to 8 10000uf/50v Elna (Japan) original Fever brand high quality filter capacitor, instantaneous charge discharge faster, sound details and speed sense increased.

3. Adjust the amplifier circuit, in order to ensure sound quality of the case, the whole amplifier's calorific is reduced 30%, so that the electricity consumption is less, the heat is less.


1. Circuit form: it uses differential full-balanced transmission amplifier circuit. Ie, fully symmetrical, fully balanced, differential circuit amplified to BTL (bridged) power output.
Each channel with 8 pairs (Toshiba) high-power transistor (the amplifier shared 32 Toshiba high-power transistor! Can be described as a luxury lineup!)
2. Abundant power reserves, very powerful.
the amplifier power supply with a continuous power up to 700W separate multi-winding high-quality high-quality toroidal transformer and 8 total capacity of up to 80000 microfarad of the Japanese audio dedicated ruby filter capacitor. Another two RM audio dedicated 4700u electrolysis and specially designed electronic filter circuit, respectively, the aircraft before and after the implementation of an independent power supply. Adequate power reserve and regulator measures to ensure the AD-3 / AD-3D stable and reliable and huge matchless dynamic response, so that the listener to feel the plentiful and full at the volume and the extensive andperfect sound field effect!

Number of channels: 2
Signal to noise ratio:> 90dB (A weighting)
Frequency response range: 20Hz-70KHz (+ 1 / -3dB)
Total harmonic distortion: <0.08% (1KHz, normal operating conditions)
Output power: 150W * 2 (8Ω, THD = 1%, 1KHz, Class AB), 30W*2(Class A)
The key "MODE" on remote control can set the Class A, Class AB, or AUTO.
When "AUTO", it will work in Class A or Class AB automatic according to the temperature changing.
Rated impedance: 8Ω
Separation: 60
Gain: > 40dB
Material: aluminum alloy
Machine size: length 445mm, deep 470mm, high 210mm
Net weight: 27.7kg
Packing size: length 645mm, deep 639mm, high 405mm
Gross weight: 33.5kg
Power supply: AC 220V (+-10%)

Package list: the ToneWinner AD-3 or AD-3D, remote control * 1, power cord * 1, Small screwdriver * 1
Applicable occasions: living room, listening room, clubhouse, clearing it, coffee shop, demonstration hall and other high-quality music venues

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