SoundArtist HB-M Music Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 wireless for Hi-Fi Audio new

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SoundArtist HB-M HiFi Audio Music Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 wireless for HiFi Audio
100% Brand New

User your Phone, iMac,iPad,iPhone,iTunes,Network TV, PC or NoteBook which have a Bluetooth to link with this SoundArtist HB-M with wireless, the SoundArtist HB-M connect with a pair of RCA cables gift free to your hifi amplifier or home amplifier. You will find get the hifi sound very easy, the old amplifier will have a new life.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


We need to test a lot of amplifers before sending, the 3.5 mm to 2 RCA cable with phone earphone to tube amplifier have too low volume.
The output of the mobile phone and computer design is 0.2-0.75V audio voltage, and the HiFi CD playere is generally designed output voltage of 1.5V to 2.3V.
This Sound Artist HB-M output voltage is 1.5V, and it have a pre amp circuit, so, volume is good for hifi amplifier.
About the sound of Sound Artist HB-M, I compare 5 kinds of different Bluetooth music receivers in hot sale at not too much difference in price.
This Sound Artist HB-M have the best sound.


1. This bluetooth receiver is designed to cooperate with the software independently developed for sound quality. The original bluetooth module's calling function, low power consumption function and some software function Settings that affect the music signal are removed,Let everything for high quality audio service;
2. Fast speed, high analytical strength and lossless transmission after comparison test.
The low frequency is firm and powerful, the sound is deep and steady.
High frequency clear, transparent and lively sound, let you redefine the wireless bluetooth audio effect.
3. After the bluetooth module outputs 4-channel differential signals, it is coupled by 4 red WIMA capacitors. After the imported with original packaging JRC5532 differential conversion, it is processed by first-level buffer amplification.Finally, gold-plated RCA lotus socket output left and right sound channel audio signal;
4. All of them are made of direct communication components, with high precision 1% resistance and long life solid capacitance;
5. Ruby capacitor filter, ELNA audio dedicated feedback.

Product parameters:
Model: Sound Artist HB-M
Power input: 12V dc
Power: 2 w
Signal output amplitude: 1.5v (RMS)
SNR: 92db
Audio output: RCA red and black terminal
Product size: 90mm*61mm*25mm
Packing size: 105mm*70mm*20mm
Net weight: 100g
Gross weight: 350g

Packing list:
Description * 1
12V adapter *1
Gold plated pure copper audio RCA wire *1
SoundArtist HB-M HiFi Audio Music Receiver *1
Bluetooth antenna *1

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