Shengya SMP-1 Music Player DAC Wi-Fi WAV/WMA/APE/FLAC/ALAC/ACC

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Shengya SMP-1 Music Player with DAC wi-fi WAV / WMA / APE / FLAC / ALAC / ACC 32Bit/384KHz

Digital network music players hi-fi audio, Internet radio, it can be a DAC too
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1. Shengya SMP-1 Digital Music Player is a new generation of audio source - digital music player, is a collection of digital stream network music player, D / A conversion(DAC) of digital audio, digital recording, WI-FI / LAN Internet radio is a multifunctional player.

2. This product uses the current professional 32 high-performance multimedia processor embedded CPU, DSP chip solutions and multimedia technology, combined with industrial-grade digital phase-locked loop (DPLL) reference clock system,
Effectively reducing the digital audio signal transmission time base error, to achieve ultra-low Jitter index, and the audio codec software has been specifically optimized to handle large high-speed rate 32Bit / 384KHz
Mastering digital audio streams, while supporting (WAV // WMA / APE / FLAC / ALAC / ACC / etc) multiple output digital audio format decoding, the latter through a firmware upgrade to support more audio formats.

3. DAC Wolfson's part of the British flagship DA converter WM8741, its built-in advanced digital filter can generate more natural than the past, the traditional digital / analog converter sound, so the industry as currently listening to the best sense of the digital-analog converter IC. While the internal circuitry is optimized and special school sonication Wolfson original engineers. Finished via Wolfson original test, reaching 120dB SNR high, can provide high-purity quality digital Master Sound.

4. The machine can easily enter the DAC mode via the screen, Shengya DAC-1 can be a hi-fi DAC. Direct connections are your CD player and so has coaxial or optical digital output even balance of the machine,
As a high-performance external decoder.

5. As a function of the relative improvement of the machine, with a powerful network processing capabilities, which can be shared network resources via WI-FI or LAN, support network hard disk NAS. You can use your Internet radio, built-in list of radio stations to listen to the world's more than ten thousand digital radio network.

6. Weight: 10kg about

7. Power supply: 220V +-10%

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