G&W T-6S hifi audio vacuum tube pre amplifier brand new

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G&W T-6S hifi audio vacuum tube pre amplifier
100% Brand New


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.



a) The machine adopts the latest classic pre-amp circuit designed by G&W and virtual battery voltage regulator circuit for delay power.
b) Using ROE,FRAKO and SIEMENS electrolytic capacitors filte and the imported silicon steel O-winding transformer from Japan.
c) Adopts 70um thick copper foil circuit boards and CMC plated RCA socket.The chassis backplane is made with 5mm thick steel plate,which significantly reduces the machine resonance.
d) The signal leads choose cubic copper from USA and the output uses double blocking coupling,which can drive high-grade vacuum tubes and the power amplifier of transistors.
e) Each vacuum tube has two silicone rubber damping rings to reduce the microphone effects of tubes. In addition to work with a power amplifier, it can also work with most of tube intergrated amplifier.


Input sensitivity: 150mV
Frequency response: 10 Hz ~ 95 KHz (-1dB)
Total harmonic distortion: ≤ 0.01% (1KHz, Vo: 1V)
SNR: ≥ 100dB (input connector 600 when Europe)
The maximum output amplitude: ± 60V (sine wave)
Output phase: phase
Net Weight: 12kg
Gross Weight: 15kg
Dimensions: 430mm × 120mm × 350mm
Power supply: 110V(±10 %)/220V(±10 %) (110V version will take 7-14 work days to order,220V version is in stock.)

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