FFYX TA11MKII vinyl record player air-bearing turntable suspension LP Player

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FFYX TA11MKII vinyl record player air bearing turntable suspension Shock absorbing LongPlay Player set
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FFYX T11MKII air bearing turntable vinyl record player
After several months of careful suond proofreading, improved materials and details, the T11MKII was finally completed. The biggest improvement was the use of a variety of composite materials for the horns, lower internal resistance at the workpiece joints, static discharge, and suppression of harmful resonances. Thoroughly, the integration of the sing arm panel has been finally perfected, and the sound performance has improved to a higher level. It is more dense, sleek, refined, transparent, and the dial base and the external motor also improve the appearance details, and the overall coordination and calmness are more stable.
The air suspension bearing is made of high precision processing with a 100mm thick aluminum alloy turntable. The rotation is extremely stable and the sound floor is extremely quiet!
Introduced a newly developed automatic horizontal air floatation system to fully lift the upper floor through the air, and automatically adjust the level of the turntable base to automatically fine tune the level. It is smaller, more sensitive than the previous generation, and more effective to shock absorbing.
Added leather skin technology, optimized overall suspension structure, improved workpiece fit and precision, and greatly improved sound quality.

Dimension:560mm *350mm* 200mm
Net Weight: 55KG
Gross weight: 57KG

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