CopperColour CC G4-OCC HiFi power socket Al-titanium alloy OCC copper US Plug

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CopperColour CC G4-OCC HiFi power socket Al-titanium alloy OCC copper US Plug Power Socket
100% Brand New

Please Note that all Copper Colour socket outlets are not equipped with power cords. Because the enthusiasts have their own requirements. According to their own needs with the favorite power cord, you can also match copper colour several very valued power cord, cost-effective should be a perfect match!


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


The new G4-OCC shell is very savory. In design, the single-crystal copper frozen material from the socket to the inner wiring is a very selling point. In the tail insertion part, CC's own copper tail was selected, and the beauty and thickness of the sound were excellent.
The single-crystal copper socket uses the CC126OCC, which was cooperating with the British developer in the early years, and has a beautiful voice. It has been highly praised by British, American, German and Thai players.
The copper colour plugs provide highly reliable tight patching and high current compliance guarantees. According to the general knowledge in the world, it is not recommended to use filtering methods such as electronic filtering and inductance in order to prevent artificial manufacturing bottlenecks. The harm caused by current suppression is believed to be very clear to most enthusiasts!
1.01kg original factory hardcover
Gold aluminum titanium alloy
4-port output 250V/15A
Single solder joint 4% silver containing German (or United States) solder heat welding.
Extreme temperature freezing perfect proportion of single crystal copper wiring TEFLON insulation.
100% shielded brushed housing, extremely temperature resistant to oxidation.
Aviation grade aluminum-titanium polymer alloy box, thickest at 10mm ~!
Advanced Pure Copper Freezer Tailstock

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