CopperColour CC 4-COPPER HiFi power Socket OFC 4-port output US Plug jack panel

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CopperColour CC 4-COPPER HiFi power Socket OFC 4-port output US Plug pure copper jack panel
100% Brand New

The price is for one single of HiFi Power Socket

Please Note that all Copper Colour socket outlets are not equipped with power cords. Because the enthusiasts have their own requirements. According to their own needs with the favorite power cord, you can also match copper colour several very valued power cord, cost-effective should be a perfect match!


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Extremely high material, aviation grade polymer materials, 100% shielding all external noise. Exclusive use of U.S. technology COPPER COLOUR silver alloy or extremely temperature-treated 7N OFC silver plated conductors, and original TEFLON insulation from DuPont. A single solder joint, the other parts are all pressure connections, to the greatest extent possible to reduce the resistance. The only solder joint used was imported from Germany with WBT solder heat welding. Maintain the best voice dynamics and analysis power, high-quality equipment is the best power outlet products.
Exquisite EX-126 pure copper fever grade American standard special socket. Refined finished products effectively reduce resistance, improve sound dynamics and layering, and high-frequency beauty is unique.
Weight 1.01kg Original Hardcover
4-port output 250V/20A
Single solder joint WBT German solder heat welding.
Extreme temperature single crystal copper wiring, TEFLON insulation.
100% shielded brushed housing, extremely temperature resistant to oxidation.
Aviation grade aluminum-titanium polymer alloy box, thickest at 10mm ~!
EX126 pure copper audio special inserted core!
Corlor: Black

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