Copper Colour CC EPSILON Hifi power cord OFC 9 mm2 Big AU/AR/US/EURO Schuko Plug

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Copper Colour CC EPSILON Hifi power cord OFC 9 mm2 Big AU/AR/US/EURO Schuko Plug
100% Brand new

It come with Pure Copper rhodium-plated metal power plug input and output.
Very big, Outer diameter is 20 mm, 9 mm2 OFC cable, it is good for your powerful audiophile amplifier.


Product Technology: Anti-oxidation to acid, double insulation, secondary linear stranded, rhodium-plated connectors

Product material: 9 mm2 linear stranded conductor, 99.999%, 5N high purity oxygen free copper (OFC), Teflon, PVC, etc.

Specifications: 1-50 meters length can be customized, the United States plug, the Australian plug, the European plug

Appearance: gray shock net

Scope: Amplifier, Headphone amp, integrated amplifier, power amplifier, patchcabling bus, and if the system power low-frequency texture is not strong , get this power cable.

The line uses a 9 mm2 high-purity copper conductor, two insulation treatment, core design double linear gluing. So that the line has an unparalleled strong momentum and plenty of energy at the same time, but also to protect the very delicate and transparent sound. Very calm voice, wide sound field, deep sense of depth obvious. Whether vocals or musical instruments, knot is very full and solid, great presence. As a back-end equipment and patch bus is very suitable. It can be said is the most cost-effective power cord.

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