Choseal LA-5101 speakers loudspeaker cables 3.0 meter pair OD=25

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Choseal LA-5101 OCC speakers loudspeakers cables banana Plug pair 3.0 meters Brand New 1 pair of 3.0 meters cables in stock.
100% Brand New


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The OCC copper rod's characteristic is: The single direction crystallizes or the list crystallization composition, the segregation are few, the impurity is low. An average crystal length is 125m, is above common oxygen-free copper (OFC) 50-100 times; The cost is also above oxygen-free copper (OFC) 8-15 times. Because the OCC wire rod's crystalline fracture is zero theoretically, therefore the signal may maintain in the transmission process complete not consumes.

These cables will come without original box because the original box is to small to fill the 3.0 meter pari.

We have other Length Cables too, Contact us to purchase or to order (to order may takes 3-14 business days).

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