Bada HQ-6600MK hifi Power Filter Plant US Socket Plug clean new

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Bada HQ-6600MK hifi Power Filter Plant US Socket Plug clean power supply filter
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Premium sound system increasingly focused on AC power, improve the quality of power supply, can improve the performance of the entire sound audio system.
* HQ-660MK power filter can effectively reduce the power grid pollution, wide sound field its performance, excellent low and high frequency extension, rich musical detail, highly infectious!
* Thick aluminum pack design, exquisite beauty, a total of six power outlet panel, which divided into two forms straight and filtering the output socket, providing a variety of play requires a different tone, fun.
* Internal lead lossless access concept, the use of five-star single crystal copper wire, the tailstock input power from the filter, and then output to the inductor coil power outlet, the middle of the lead process at one go, no connection point; since the inductor is using Nanocrystalline core, its high-frequency magnetic flux, the direct use of single crystal copper wire that is wound around the toroid laps to achieve the desired inductance, low resistance, and therefore a change in the intensity of traditional low-frequency inductor negative impact on the grid clutter can be effectively suppressed.
* Through socket and also pick up a high-quality German GAD capacitor can improve the power factor, higher efficacy.
* Front inductors, each after a German GAD and the capacitor formed a two-phase π filter, the effective intermodulation interference and noise pulse amplitude is greatly reduced, so you sound more pure electricity, the effect is more outstanding.
* Power outlets were carefully chosen, the socket contact sheet is a copper alloy gold-plated contacts thick, can be in close contact with the power plug, higher conductivity efficiency, faster response.
Filter outlet Note: There are six filter panel socket
Wherein labeled "DIRECT" one pair of outlets for direct, without the filter and direct output audio electrical outlet, the performance of high frequency sound clear, voice thick-run, low-intensity performance was quite good, it is recommended for this socket after the amplifier or pure plate particularly desirable.
Labeled "FILTER1 / 2" of the two sockets, have to undergo a filter function, sound performance for the entire sound field broad, transparent, delicate, more magnetic and noble. Can directly improve those voices partial Mongolia, rigid sound system, sound system allows simple direct upgrade.

Specifications: Rated voltage: 110V ~ 240V, rated total current: 10A, Rated total power: 2200W,
Single outlet Current Rating: 10A

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