Bada DC-222 Tube Fidelity Integrated Amplifier DC222 2011

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Bada DC-222 Tube Fidelity Integrated Amplifier 2011 version Brand New
this version
was discontinued,
there is the  link for the upgrad version BADA DC-222T


tube input
tube amplification
tube driver
Darlington power output  
remote control function
Fashion look
Vivid interpretation,Tube fidelity Series

DC-222TUBE is designed as per the audio saying "simple is best", circuit is sample,except the current amplification use transistors,from preamp input to powerapm voltage amplification are completed by tubes,some partical circuit also use direct coupled, better low-frequency intensity. Use proverbial tube 12AU7, high-voltage power supply of tube use a regulated power supply with constant current, adjusting tube is played by a big power MOSFET,high stability and small resistance, fast current supply ,perform the excellent music taste of tube well. Power output using three level current amplification, the final output use 8 big power Toshiba tube,powerful low-frequency. DC-222 TUBE FIDELITY internal layout is extremely reasonable, power transformer using an independent interval shielding,reduce interference on the circuit.Tube amplification use R-type transformer as power supply, and power output stage is using big toroidal transformer.

Researched materials used in this machine, choose lossless relay control for input selection, Japan ALPS motor potentiometer for volume control, also use of WINA, SOLEN, etc, advanced acoustic capacitor to adjustment.
The machine with remote control function, fashion appearance, also give full play to the characteristics of tube and transistor, full of charming music taste of tube and also the strength and speed, especially for music lovers who have elegant taste.





Maximum output power (distortion≤2%):

95W +95 W (8Ω)

Frequency response:

20Hz ~  20kHz (± 1.5dB)

Harmonic distortion:

0.5% (1kHz 10W)

Signal to noise ratio:

85dB (A standard)

Supply voltage:

AC110V(±10%)/220V(±10%) 60Hz/50Hz 

(110V version and 60Hz version will take 3-14 business days to order)



Overall dimensions (w x h x  d):

430mm x 110mm x  370mm

Groos Weight:

14 kg

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All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box. 


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