Classic No.16.6 6550/KT88 tube Integrated Amplifier with remote

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Output Power: 55W (RMS ultra-linear)
25W (RMS transistor)
Frequency Response: 5Hz-88KHz (-3dB 8W)
Power Frequency: 12.5Hz-80KHz (-3dB 55W)
Harmonic distortion (THD + N): 0.21% (1KHz 8W)
0.47% (1KHz 22W)
0.92% (1KHz 55W)
Signal to Noise Ratio (unweighted): 95dB
Input Sensitivity: 0.3V (RMS)
Output impedance: 4Ω/8Ω
Static power consumption: 230W (220V)
Remote Control: Yes
Use tube: 6550A x4 12BH7EH x2 12AT7 x2
Dimension: 420 * 337 * 116 mm
Net weight: 22Kg
Gross Weight: 25.9KG
Power supply: 110/220V (110V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order) 220V version is in stock.

Classic No.16.6 feature.

Composition of the input stage to 12AT7 SRPP circuit, intended for low distortion and good phase-frequency amplitude-frequency characteristic; inverter stage and the integrated circuit by 12BH7 the tail current source type inverter circuit, the level has more than a typical

Tail-type inverter circuit more outstanding characteristics of the exchange balance, and reduce the phase distortion. The inverter stage also has plenty of headroom on, improving the overall power output without distortion. Last stage is

6550A/KT88 consisting of convertible ultra-linear amplification with the working condition of the power transistor amplifier stage. Fixed gate bias mode.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the machine used by the output transformer. The output transformer is the latest feather business development, the output power of 65W (30Hz); primary impedance 4.5KΩ, and 6550A very match. The comprehensive

Combined technical indicators and their sense of hearing not lost on some well-known in the international output transformer. The output transformer primary inductance up to 210H (4.5KΩ 50Hz), the primary leakage inductance only 3.95mH, 1K

-10KHz frequency range of the primary impedance completely flat, the impedance changes in other frequency bands are also very low. The width of the output transformer to the power frequency response 5Hz-150KHz (-3dB). Primary resonant frequency to

240KHz, distributed capacitance as low as 100Pf the following ... .... To ensure high quality performance of the transformer, Yu spared no expense with a high commercial grade silicon steel of the best material that imports from Japan Nippon Steel

By Yu's own Punch and tempering process, the permeability of 1.9T, by no means at present widely used Z10 Z11 silicon steel is comparable. All of these, given the clear deep bass transformer, the

Sound full and firm, precise treble extension audio properties.

As No.16.6 rigorous machine design, to the current distribution and negative feedback loops and local negative feedback tends to the ideal set of sampling points, which makes the open-loop characteristics with outstanding performance, cross-talk in the signaling pathway in the complex interference

Signal was further checked the performance of the final sound more clearly and accurately. No.16.6 large enough negative feedback loop 6dB, but because the design is reasonable, the whole technical indicators remain very high standard.

AMP with a sink design, the whole height decreased, as the thick aluminum chassis top cover. Shape individually designed.

Taking into account the flow tube lifetime of the screen changes, Ia special table set up digital, user-friendly at home to keep up the working status of the final stage tube, proved that the design is indeed an indispensable tool for the tube amp players


No.16 .6 of the toroidal transformer uses Nippon silicon steel of Z11. Pressure did not set a boot delay circuit,
Choke and electronic filtering.

No.16.6 with remote control, remote control for aluminum production.

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