Classic No.16.0 Integrated Tube EL34-EH Amplifier 100% brand new

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Classic No.16.0 Integrated Tube EL34-EH Amplifier
100% Brand New


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


a) Its input stage uses mean-μtubes (12AT7) as active pull-up amplification, and at high gain, it effectively improves the linearity characteristics, distortion and common-mode rejection ratio etc. Inverter stage uses 6N8P, long-tailed amplifier-inverter. Final stage uses El34, ultra linearity push-pull amplification, and the triode operating state can be selected through switch.
b) Harmonic distortion is less than 1.2%(10W 1KHz),frequency response is 30Hz-75KHz(10W) and wideband absolute noise is 1.2mV. With a so good open-loop characteristic, it lays a well basis for low major loop circuit. Therefore, this amplifier’s negative feedback is merely 5.72db.Please consult ‘Specifications’ to obtain corelational contents about closed-loop.
c) Its primary impedance is 5KO,primary inductance is 234H(50Hz), primary leaking inductance is 2.27mH(1KHz-10KHz), primary distributed capacitance is 85P ,frequency response is 5Hz-342KHz(-3db 5V) and primary rising impedance is =56O(1KHz-10KHZ).
d) Final stage has an anode current testing system equipped with a Japanese CLASS 1.5 electromagnetic type round meter and a select switch. So it is easy for users to monitor the operating mode in final stage.
e) Ring power transformer of No.16.0 is 400W, which uses the same silicon steel sheets as its output transformers. It is ‘C’ shaped iron choke coil filtration. The high-tension supply for the input stage adopts auto-tracking electro filter to reduce ripple and raise S/N ratio. To assure the complete set’s safety and raise service life, the amplifier is also equipped with high-tension time-lag charge-discharge system.
f) Its exteriority uses 10mm aluminum plates forming of sandwich construction, combining classicality with modernistic style and showing off luxury from its connotation. Three transformers are arranged well in place. And the distributed weight, controlled electromagnetic interference and thermal distribution are in much better condition.
g) The sound performance of Classic No.16.0 is precise, comprehensive, full, thick, broadened and elegant.

Output Power: 40W(pentode state) 20W(triode state)
Frequency Response: 8Hz-82KHz (10W RMS)
Harmonic Distortion(THD+N): 0.5%(1KHz 12.5W RMS pentode state)
S/N(without weight): 90db
Tubes: 12AT7 x2 6N8P x2 EL34EH x4(Russian)
Power Voltage: 220V-240V 50Hz
Dimensions: 450W x 350D x 150H mm
Packing Dimensions: 515W x 445D x 275H mm
Net Weight: 20kg
Gross Weight: 24kg

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