Xindak XTT-3 Audio Passive Adapte Buffer Processor XTT3

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   Music Condiment - Xindak XTT-3 Audio Passive Adapte New



XTT-3 Audio Passive Adaptor is a kind of high performance transformer which specially join with the sound resource devices, such as CD player and preamplifier. XTT-3 adopt imported audio iron-core to mix with high permeability permalloy. It¡¯s characterized in high effectiveness, low distortion, and wide frequency.
When it is used to connect signal resources (CD player/ preamplifier output) with amplifier, its function featured as following: to eliminate the obvious digital sound, to match with the signal transmitting characteristic, to enhance the timbre and to fix the sound stage. Also, it could make the timbre purer and more nature, and outstanding exhibition on rhythm and human voice.



Power transmitting


Input impedance


Output impedance




Frequency band

 10Hz/0dB, 80kHz/-3dB


 224mm x 142mm x 99mm


 2.73 kg

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 3.5 kg

Music Condiment-Xindak XTT-3 Audio Passive Adapter (Review on AVphile Oct, 2008)
The acoustic accessories always bring unexpected effects although they look so tiny, that's the reason they always are the audiophiles' favorite. Except the three items including CD player, amplifier as well as the loudspeaker, all of the others are regarded as the accessories. The most important ones among them are various cables, including interconnect cables, loudspeaker cables and power cords etc. Another important item should be the power facilities which is actually the fourth factor to be considered for some audiophiles. Besides, the Damper-shackles for Acoustics, shocking proof plate, the performance platform and the Ipod dock for loudspeaker are also the accessories to be considered. They are proved to have more or less influence to the acoustic effects. The appropriate usage on them are always the audiophiles' favorite topics. We'd like to recommend a new arrival of Xindak:XTT-3 passive adaptor, which is mainly used to the connection between the CD player and Amplifiers. It maybe remind you about the X-10 vacuum adaptor from UK Music facsimile, which is used for the output buffer of CD player and the character of tubes to reduce the digital taste. Just following the X-10 tube vacuum adapter, similar products were released by other manufacturers later. It seems that the XTT-3 from Xindak is to be the same kind of product. In fact, it's a different product from others. The distinct distinguish lies that XTT-3 is a passive adapter which don't need power supply. Hence XTT-3 is a creative product from Xindak to some point of view.

XTT-3 is a smart metal box in appearance, with wooden bottom and wooden side decoration plate. Two RCA connectors on the front panel are used for the signal input, which is connectted with the output terminal of the sound source facility. The connectors on the rear panel are used for signal output, which should be connected to the input terminal of the amplifier. Then it's OK!
Especially the XTT-3 has +3db gain, which is controlled by a small switch in the middle of the panel. How to realize the gain by such a passive facility? Transformer can. Just open the enclosure of XTT-3, you can find 2 small transformers covered under the shielding case. They are not the common transformers, its iron core is a mixer of the imported iron core chip and permalloy iron core with high-magnetic inductance rate. So it featured with high-effectiveness, low distortion and wide broadband etc¡­Permalloy refers to the iron-nickel alloy with an extensive range of nickel content between 35%~90%, which is mostly characterized by its high weak magnetic-field magnet conductivity. The common permeability alloy is the alloy consist of iron and nickel which has low resistibility and unsatisfactory mechanical property and has rarely to be used in practice. The current permalloy is made by adding some other contents such as molybdenum and copper¡­to the basic ingredients of iron and nickel. The purpose is to increase the resistivity to reduce the vortex loss once of the finished iron core. The hardness of the material is hence to be improved which will is especially beneficiary used for the magnetic head. It reminds me the price about a good-quality cassette tape deck 20 years ago, the fee is so dear! The biggest advantage of adopting premalloy iron core is out of its extensive and straight frequency responds. Since Xindak XTT-3 can achieve a frequency responds of 10Hz~80kHz(0/-3dB), there is no problem to be used for transmission of wide-frequency signal of both SACD and DVD-Audio. While undergoing the trial audition, XTT-3 is used for tandem connection between the CD player and the amplifier. It won't make use of any tube while working under 0db gains. However you can still obviously felt the digital voice is eliminated and the mid-frequency with more massiness. Once the faint DC signal was segregated from the output signal, the definition in low-frequency was improved, the speed is faster and the dynamic is greater.
The volume is obviously become louder while be switched to 3dB gain mode. If compare carefully, you can find that the whole balance has slight change: some attenuation occurred in mid-low frequency, treble is more clear and bright, the detail is highlighted much more. Usually, XTT-3 has rarely influence to the music quality of voice and instruments. So it's just keep the original taste.
The reason for above changing is supposed to be the transformer could change current signal's strength and shifting the impedance while in shifting current's signal with secondary coil ratio. It will change the transmission and matching of the materials between pre-stage and following-stage, which will bring influence to the final produced timber, and the influence is related to the characters of interface materials of pre-stage and following stage. The uncertainty arose by this take the audiophiles more expansive space, XTT-3 is hence become a audio condiment with various taste in different conditions.
If you have a chance to get this minikin, just try it!

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