Xindak XF-2000S Hi-End Power Conditioner US socket filter

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Xindak XF-2000S Hi-End Power Conditioner US socket filter Plant
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Xindak XF-2000S Hi-End Power Conditioner US socket filter
XF-2000S is a high-quality power filter with sound source group and can solve the problems of impure tone and messy sound field caused by the noise of electronic network during the working process of audio equipments and separate the sound source and electronic network and ensure the sound source output purer without pollution.
This unit adopts the multilevel bidirectional exact filtering network which is made up of high-quality capacitor and inductance, with phase detecting and adjusting system and power voltage meter at the same time, which could meet the requirements from audiophiles further. In addition, the sound source group adopts also a 220W high-power annual transformer equipped with high-quality capacity to achieve the exact noise-shielding network with the front and following stage separated.
XF2000S is based on its predecessor XF2000, on the base of succeeding the main design principle of XF2000, it adds a meter on the front panel and also the circuit inside has been optimized.

Output sockets for sound source: 1A (2 ways)
Output sockets for digital accessories: 3A (2 ways)
Output sockets for preamplifier/accessories: 5A (2 ways)
Output sockets for power amplifier: 5.5A (2 ways)
Input power: 110V-240V 60/50Hz
8 x US standard sockets
Gross weight:8 kg

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