Xindak FA-1 Analogue Interconnects Cable Pair FA1 New

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Xindak FA-1 Analogue Interconnects Cable Pair 1m


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sound texture, density, Resolution, background music information greatly enhanced, full bright sound, the whole band to listen to a sense of balance, a good music taste.
The line is a new Dirk foil signal line with the mid-range Hi-Fi Wire, imported multi-chip substrate selected anaerobic 5N copper single crystal as an independent insulation and a unique spiral winding process, with special damping material and weave dense network of oxygen-free copper shielding. PVC jacket decorated with stereotypes and then dense texture, beauty and generosity of nylon net enclosures, end the use of non-magnetic CMC 24K gold-plated plugs, the entire production process is very delicate line specification.
Tape foil to maximize the signal transmission line to improve the high frequency signal transmission in the conductor of the "skin effect" to reduce the characteristic impedance of transmission lines, coupled with special spiral winding process can be further reduced and inter-line capacitance with foil, reduce the phase distortion, node as the music more clearly, better transient. Effectively overcome the bleak tone, thin, fuzzy details, such as listening to a sense of non-performing.
Audition shows that: the line in high-frequency part of the analytical first-class music, the Music Hall is rich smooth sound Meiyan, noisy and not good. IF rich and full, flesh and blood, and physical quality, music, full flavor. Low-frequency a bit more masculine, the full amount of sense, flexible. Is a full-band performance of a balanced, attractive tone, good cost-effective line of high value.

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