SoundRight LN-2 hifi Audio Speakers loudspeakers Cables pair

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SoundRight LN-2 hifi Audio Speakers loudspeakers Cables pair 2.5 meters
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LN-2 speakers cables pair

These cables are used for connection between output of amplifier to the input of the speakers.
LN-2 speaker wire is the "Silver Angel" series between the power amplifier to the speaker cable, the inner core of the red and black double-coated PE root 0.12rnm × 36 multi-strand oxygen-free copper stranded wire, also has a specially designed φ1mm single branch line and a silver shield with aluminum foil. The outermost layer is a transparent PVC protection. Speaker wire is red positive; negative, unless the black wire, but also silver and aluminum foil are connected to the line - up, so - to the negative on both strong electromagnetic shielding effect, can make sound than the general structure of the speaker wire cleaner. The line uses 24K gold-plated forks and reed banana head.

The speaker wire is the raw sound, alt have quite good analytical, in the low density and good sense of the contours, the overall tone full rounded, highly dynamic jump, musical taste is very strong. Be sure to use the body as indicated by the arrow direction of line connection.

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