Music Curve D-2020-EL34-B vacuum tube Integrated Amplifier Delux

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Music Curve D-2020-EL34B tube Integrated Amplifier push-pull Deluxe Edition
Brand New
point to point hand welding circuit


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.



Input  Impedance:  100KΩ
Output  Impedance: 4Ω   8Ω
Input Sensitivity:  500--2000mV
Total  Hamonic  Distortion:  ≤1%(1KHz)
Frequeney  responses:  20Hz-30KHz±1dB
Maximum  output:  30W×2(8Ω  Standard)   20W×2(8Ω  Triode)
Signal  to  Noise  Ratio: 89dB
Input  Jacks:   4 Groups
Output  Jacks:  2 Groups
Vacuum tube: 12AT7×2,   12AU7×2,  6N6T×2
rectifier tubes:  5Z3P × 2
power tubes:  EL34-B × 4
Power supply voltage:      110/220V 60Hz/50Hz
                      (100V,110V,120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will
                      take 3-14 work days to order),
                      220V version is in stock

Dimensions:( W x H x D)  425mm(W)×180mm(H)×340mm(D)
Packing size: ( W x H x D)  465mm(W)×210mm(H)×370mm(D)
Net weight:22kg
Gross weight:  24kg

Product Description:
◆ Chassis is made of stainless steel of 1.2mm in thickness with wire brushing.
◆ Big metal knob, comb-like feet for reducing shaking.
◆ High-grade RCA terminal with gold plating. 
◆ 4Ω and 8Ω power output terminals with gold plating.  
◆ Side panels made from cherry wood.  
◆ Blue power indicator.
Using silver 1.0mm thick brushed stainless steel craft box.
Wrinkle paint process cattle enclosures.
● metal knob cap, the cellular machine feet.
● the use of gold-plated RCA signal input lotus seat.
● Adopt with oxidation amber gold-plated output terminal.
● red cherry wood side of the decorative sheet, elegant and dignified.
● Blue LED power indicator.
● the performance of pre-thumb tube Description:
6N6T: high mutual conductance (S = 11mA / V), the amplification factor (u = 20), low internal resistance (Ri = 2KΩ) tube.
12AU7: well-known low transconductance, the high resistance of the communication measurement tube.
12AT7: the burning world "quite famous air excellent sense of wideband, low noise, u tube.
Product characteristics:
Power cattle output cattle imported audio-specific silicon silicon steel layer and section wound around technology. Cow power silicon steel: 114mm × stacked thick 60mm output
cattle silicon steel: 96mm × stack thickness 40mm. High-quality nylon frame, high-purity oxygen-free copper wire.
● Taiwan production W.L Wizard potentiometer volume control.
● input within the machine using Teflon silver plated shielded signal lines, strong anti-interference, transmission failure decreased.
● German WIMA red MKP polypropylene coupling.
● PCB model using sets of domestic production and some carbon film resistors; scaffolding welding models feature military Dahongpao metal film resistors, carbon film mix.
● high-voltage secondary rectifier, 5Z3P × 2 gall rectifier, four imported large pond and two inductor filter.
● reference to the improvement of the classic lines, famous 12AT7 x 2 voltage amplification, 12AU7 × 2 phase inversion, 6N6 × 2 cathode output driven, push-pull class AB
amplification. A wider frequency response, phase shift to smaller, higher fidelity.
● Transformer with epoxy potting, solid and reliable, high temperature, insulation, moisture, shock absorption and play a role, can greatly reduce the magnetic coupling through
the chassis to reduce resonance, and reduce noise.

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