xDuoo X10T Lossless Music Player MP3 APE FLAC Digital Turntable

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XDuoo X10T WM8805 DSD Professional Digital Turntable Lossless Music Player 24bits/192KHz 100% Brand new


xDuoo X10T WM8805 DSD Professional Digital Turntable Lossless Music Player 24bits/192KHz

WM8805, DSD, Ground isolation coaxial, optical / coaxial interface, AES balanced coaxial interface, Extended 256GB, Aluminum body, 8H battery life
Lossless great sound, start for the core
The X10T internal conversion chip using the Wolfson WM8805 digital audio receiver chip, not only can audio files without compression, lossless conversion to SPDIF signal output.
It also has advanced phase-locked loop with jitter attenuation inside the chip, clock cycle jitter less than 50ps RMS.

Ground isolation structure Coaxial purifies the output signal
xDuoo X10T has two sets of coaxial signal output,
One of which uses a professional audio transformer conversion output,
Can isolate the ground of front-end and back-end completely,
The two devices are completely independent of each other,
Darker the music background
High quality optical signal output
Distortion only 0.00087%
xDuoo X10T uses optical transmission jack, photoelectric conversion characteristics
The front-end device is isolated from the back-end device better
The music background is darker
Distortion only 0.00087%

Support DSD、PCM
Lossless music playback
Can easily decode all kinds of high bit rate files
Support DSD 2.8224MHz
Support PCM 24Bit/192kHz

Double storage card slot
To accommodate massive loss of resources
Maximum support for two 128GB TF / Micro SD card at the same time
Capacity reaches 256GB
Enough to store 5,000 lossless songs
50000 MP3 songs
Support dual SD card
Capacity up to 256GB

Plenty of interfaces and also the cables
Easy sound easy life!
xDuoo X10T has optical / coaxial, ground isolation coaxial
Balanced coaxial, three output interfaces
Can handle a variety of high-demand digital decoders
Save the worry about buying extra cables

Enjoy all day long
8 hours or more continuous playing time
Battery life time up to 8 hours or more, to meet the day trip
Charging time is less than 3 hours (fast charge)
At the same time you can connect it to the computer USB
Or mobile phone charger for charging, safe and efficient

Entity large button design
Can easily operate the player without looking at the screen
xDuoo X10T uses the entity key design
And appropriate optimized the key size and key layout,
Easy for bundle players to use, operation
Even if you use a bundle bandage or bundle bag
You can also easily operate the player

Size of cigarette pack
Lightweight your pocket
xDuoo X10T size: 105.5 * 45 * 14mm
Only a cigarette pack size, and the weight is only about 100g
Compact and lightweight, very suitable to use with decoders

All aluminum body
Rugged and anti-jamming
xDuoo X10T body material with aluminum alloy
Beautiful and durable, meanwhile increase anti-interference ability

AES balanced coaxial output
Can combine with desktop balance decoding
xDuoo X10T is very rare in similar products for it can support AES balanced coaxial output
Connect to desktop decode amp with three-core XLR wire
No need to copy songs between different digital sound sources
Save your trouble

Battery life:> 8H
Charging time: <3H
Size: 105.5 * 45 * 14mm
Weight: 100g
AES: 0.00087%
Fiber: 0.00087%
Coaxial 1: 0.00087%
Coaxial 2: 0.00087%
Output amplitude
AES: 3.25Vp-p
Coaxial 1: 0.8Vp-p
Coaxial 2: 0.5Vp-p
Supported formats:
DSD: DSD64 (to PCM output)
APE: 24bit / 192khz
FLAC: 24bit / 192khz
WAV: 24bit / 192khz
APPLE Lossless: 24bit / 192khz
Power supply: built-in 4.2V rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Battery capacity: 1500mAH
Display: 2.0 inch HD screen
Card support: Up to two 128G TF / Micro SD cards at the same time

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