The Fragrant Zither E5 In-ear Monitor HIFI earphones Noise cancelling earbuds

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The Fragrant Zither E5 In-ear Monitor HIFI earphones Noise cancelling earbuds
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Ambilight, beautiful like stars


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1.Enjoy the extraordinary brilliance, won the Japanese VGP authority award
With extraordinary vocal performance, the new generation of graphene units not only provide high-definition resolution, but also superior processing in the middle and low frequency bands. The density is full and solid, the sound is loose and round, suitable for vocal rock music style, omnivorous headphones, And EXCUSVE has a good wearing experience, very suitable for small ear canal users
2. HD resolution better sound color rendering
EXCLUSVE5 has a major leap in both acoustics and appearance. It is equipped with an advanced 9.00MM dual magnetic circuit two-way nanographene unit. It has a higher resolution and sound field than the SERES and BALANCE series, making it easy to present a musical atmosphere. Feeling of the scene. The dazzling metal casing lasts bright and new, and reduces the internal discordant resonance of the cavity. Every detail of the EXCLUSVE 5 is impressive.
3. Excellent resolution comes from excellent units
Dual magnetic circuit two-way N52 high-strength magnet, violent performance, N52 magnet, dual magnetic circuit two-way, nano-graphene diaphragm, once run, endless energy
4. A new generation of nano-graphene diaphragms, brilliant, dynamic transients
Double magnetic circuit two-way graphene unit features: fine and clear high-frequency details, loose and sweet vocal performance, flexible deep low-frequency processing, HFI with high potential to restore high quality.
5. Standard 0.78MMX double pin can be exchanged with silver wire
The newly developed silver-plated wire is doubled in number, and the outer layer is wrapped with a shield wrap material to provide higher-definition signal transmission and lower impedance.

Product Name:Somic TFZ E5
Whether wire control: NO
Sensitivity: 107dB/mW
Headphone sound principle: dynamic
Applicable music types: Classical symphony concert, ACG
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency Response: 5-40000Hz
Color classification: Blue, silver, black
Wearing method: In-ear
Headphone type: wired
With or without microphone: Without
Plug: 3.5mm
Headphone plug type: I-shaped
Headphone output source: HIFI
Cord Length: 1.2m
earphones category: Monitor earphones, HIFI earphones
Brand: The Fragrant Zither
Headphone model: TFZ E5
Function: Recording
Manufacturer: The Fragrant Zither
Package Type: Official Standard
Net Weight: ≈15g
Compatible platform: ANDROID, Windows Phone, iOS

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