TAKSTAR HI1200 In-ear drive-by-wire Mic Mobile Earplugs Wood karaoke earphones

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TAKSTAR HI1200 In-ear drive-by-wire Mic Mobile Earplugs Wood karaoke earphones
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Voice call, metal film, karaoke earbuds


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1. Inspired by nature, soft and smooth
H1200 earphones are inspired by the power of nature
So we saw a chrome-plated rear ear shell with flowing lines, curved ear shells and ridges, which outlines the dynamic curve with tension. The smooth surface is visible on the body and underneath, without any sharp cutting lines to decorate the whole earphone. The contour is softer, and it will be taken from the power of nature.
2. Micro sounding unit, acoustic characteristics of wooden sound chamber
H1200 earplugs use a special custom micro-sounding unit, the wooden sound chamber has good acoustic characteristics, and the cavity composed of alloy + rosewood can suppress resonance to a large extent, interpreting alcohol and natural vocals, solid wood material, compared with traditional equipment. The sound is more crisp and clear
3. Good sound system will use the "beryllium" metal diaphragm, delicate sound quality
The key component that affects the sound quality of a headphone is the sounding unit, and the diaphragm used in the generating unit is the diaphragm. The H1200 earplug uses a precious metal diaphragm. The alloy is harder in the existing earphone diaphragm. Lighter, faster transfer material, metal diaphragm is nearly 5 times more expensive than gold. After high-tech process, it has delicate sound quality: natural full bass sound, mid-range transition is clean and unmixed, high-pitched translucent is not unobtrusive, making music More sweet, listenable, and sound layered
4. The sound tube is meshed and the sound quality is pure.
The mesh structure of the sound tube is used to prevent foreign matter from entering the sounding unit and affecting the sound quality, preventing the sound from being disturbed, and at the same time, adjusting the sound color to a certain extent, making the high frequency sound less harsh and more comfortable.
5. Compatible with wire control function, high quality button wear resistance
H1200 earphones are compatible with high-definition voice control. One-click answering and hang-up calls, one-click pause music, easy to switch music or answer calls. The remote control buttons are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials and can withstand at least 100,000 hits. Smartphones and devices with 3.5mm headphone jacks, including IOS, Android, etc.

Product Name:Takstar HI1200
Whether wire control: No
Sensitivity: 100±3dB
earphone sound principle: dynamic
Applicable music types: vocals, female voices, pop style
Impedance: 20Ω
Frequency Response: 10-20000Hz
Color classification: black
Wearing method: In-ear
earphone type: wired
With or without microphone: With
Plug: 3.5mm
earphone plug type: I-shaped
earphone output source: HiFi
Cord Length: 1.4m
earphones category: HIFI earphones, sports earphones
Brand: Takstar
earphone model: Hi1200
Compatible Platforms: ANDROID, Windows Phone, iOS
Manufacturer: Takstar
Package Type: Official Standard
Net Weight: 12.5g

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