SoundArtist SH12F2 Horn Floor Speaker HiFi LoundSpeaker 12 in A pair

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SoundArtist SH12F2 Horn Floor Speaker HiFi LoundSpeaker 12 in A pair
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Product features:

The unique design of timeless Walnut oil coating surface, solid walnut frame, Hand-selected wood, gold-plated terminals, high-quality craft show dripping
The A12 horn uses a special hemispherical top tweeter to drive the horn unit,Extremely light weight and having excellent rigidity, divided small vibration, and excellent transient response. After driving type is radiused, tapered intermediate throat plus phase plug,Improve the diaphragm area ratio of the throat area, namely increasing the compression ratio and efficiency,Also expanded reproduction frequency band. The back cover of the unit is made of high-quality metal casting to eliminate harmful resonance. Overall called sophisticated horn speaker design, which enjoy a high pitch sound field beyond imagination.

Product parameters:
Frequency response: 32Hz-22k HZ
Sensitivity: 95dB
Power: 50-200W
Impedance: 4Ω
Size: 114x45.5x50cm
Net weight: 38kg
Gross weight: 40kg

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