Somic E95x gaming headsete 5.2 multichannel Vibration Smart Headphones

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Somic E95x gaming headset 5.2 multichannel Vibrating Headphones Smart Headphones
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5.2 Channel innovative asynchronous vibration technology!!


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1.5.2 Multichannel listening innovation
E95X adopts innovative 5.2 multi-channel technology and adds two SVE intelligent sensation sensors on the basis of 5.1 multi-channels. It is located in the front left and right of the sound field, which enhances the three-dimensional sense of low frequency and vibration and achieves a new breakthrough in sound effect positioning.
2. Innovative asynchronous vibration technology
SVE Intelligent Sensing Alert With the new asynchronous vibration technology, the vibration on the side closer to the sound source is stronger, the vibration on the other side is weaker, and the vibration is slightly weaker.
3 high magnetic dynamic unit, strong three-frequency
High magnetic performance dynamic coil unit enhances sound sensitivity, resulting in even more tri-band performance. Bass sounds fuller, thicker, more layered, high-fidelity sound quality, and makes the game more realistic
4. Cool array LED fire light effect
In the world of LED lighting effects, arrays are arranged to exhibit a new industrial atmosphere. At the same time, they show the layout of the internal unit of the deafness, the balance between acoustics and craft aesthetics, and domineering.
5. USB interface + degaussing ring USB jack design, pure sound quality, with electromagnetic coil anti-interference online, to provide users with an excellent listening experience.

Product Name:Somic E95x
Whether wire control: YES
Sensitivity: 95dB/mW
Headphone sound principle: dynamic
Applicable music types:Rock metal bass
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz
Color classification: black
Wearing method: headphone, ear protection
Headphone type: wired
With or without microphone: With
Plug: USB
Headphone plug type: USB
Headphone output source: PC
Cord Length: ≥2m
Headphones category: Smart Headphones, Gaming Headphones, Earphones
Brand: Somic
Headphone model: E95x
Compatible Platforms: Windows Phone
Manufacturer: Shuomeike
Package Type: Official Standard
Net Weight: 420g

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