ShengYa SPA-1 Audio Professional AMP broadcasting amplifier Constant voltage

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ShengYa SPA-1 Audio Professional AMP broadcasting amplifier Constant voltage
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Three microphone inputs, two auxiliary inputs, one auxiliary output, public address.
100V, 70V constant voltage output and 40hms fixed resistance (balanced, ungrounded) output.
There is a silent function for easy insertion of priority broadcasts.
Independent volume control for each channel.
Treble and bass tone control.
5 unit LED level meter, easy to observe the output level.
Output short circuit protection and alarm. (The indicator light flashes)

Technical Parameters:
Rated output: 300W
Output adjustment rate: from full load to no load, less than 3dB
Output mode: 8Ω balanced output, 70V, 100V constant voltage output
Auxiliary output: > 95Db
Input: Mic 1, 2, 3: 600Ω, 2.0mV (-54dBV), unbalanced
AUX1, 2: 10kΩ, 100mV (-20dBV), unbalanced
Frequency response: 100Hz 16kHz
Harmonic distortion: less than 0.1% at 1 kHz
Signal to noise ratio: Microphone 1, 2and 3: 66dB AUX 1 and 2 : 70dB
Tone adjustment: Bass: ± 10dB at 200Hz Treble: ± 10dB at 200Hz
Protection: AC fuse X 1, DC output, overload protection
Mute function: MIC 1 input overrides other inputs (attenuation 0 -30dB)
Power supply: AC 220 240 / 50 60Hz
Power consumption: 500W
Size: 430 X 125 x 380 (mm)
Weight: 14Kg


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