ShengYa SK-138 HiFi vacuum tube Integrated Amplifier Digital karaoke amp

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ShengYa SK-138 HiFi vacuum tube Integrated Amplifier Professional Digital karaoke amp dual microphone
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1. The creative vacuum tube double microphone preamplifier can greatly express every detail of the singer's voice, and the sound is mellow and sleek, significantly surpassing the sound performance of the ordinary IC amplifier circuit.
2. Built-in professional digital karaoke reverberation circuit, the user can finely adjust the parameters of reverberation depth, repetition time and delay time. Make the machine suitable for any sound environment.
3. The microphone volume control and music volume control can be adjusted independently, so that the user can reasonably distribute the loudness balance between vocals and music.
4. The microphone sound quality control circuit adopts a novel tube negative feedback type high and low tone circuit, which has low noise, good sound quality and no overload distortion when the sound pressure is extremely large.
5. Power amplification is a novel electronic tube and transistor hybrid Hi-Fi amplifier. The vocal interpretation is sweet and bright, and the music performance is strong. Clearly beyond the sound quality of ordinary pure transistor power amplifiers.
6. Adopt high-power toroidal transformer, 40,000 micro-filter capacitors, audio dedicated cross-connect capacitors and 8 Toshiba high-power tubes. Regardless of the power and timbre performance of replaying music or karaoke.
7. Built-in fan heatsink ensures long-term high-power and reliable operation of the machine.
8. This machine is suitable for use in general households in addition to commercial karaoke projects.

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz ±1dB
Rated output power: 125W + 125W (8Ω)
Harmonic distortion: ≤0.1% (1kHz 1W)
Input sensitivity: 280mV
Microphone input sensitivity: 20mV
Signal to noise ratio: 85dB
Input impedance: 47kΩ
Dimensions (W × H × D): 430 × 135 × 395 (mm)
Weight: 12kg
Gross Weight: 14kg


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