Shengya A17 Hybrid vacuum valve tube Integrated Amplifier

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Shengya A17 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier
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1. It uses the tube 12AX7 component Vacuum tube preamp circuits. Tube 12AU7 holds the post of the cathode follower to make the cushion enlargement. Makes this amp to have the exquisite sound and the greatly dynamic performance.
2. It uses electron tube and the transistor mixed type precise voltage-stabilized source.
3. Power amplifier part used the J-FET composed cascode amplifier.
4. The Class A current amplifier outputs, takes its timbre thick warm, actuates each kind of exclusive brand speaker easily.
5. It used high-level MKP the acoustic special-purpose junction continually electric capacity, ALPS large-scale remote control volume potentiometer, Output used the large-scale gold-plated wiring column, May facilitate connects any speaker line diameter, Enables the audio-frequency current to obtain the ideal transmission.
6. It has a remote control.


Frequency response: 20Hz -20KHz ± 0.5 dB
Power output: 100W + 100W (8 ohm)
Input sensitivity: 200 mV
THD: <0.1% (1KHz, 1W)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 89dB
Size: 430 x 152 x 456 mm
Supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz (±10%)
Weight: 18 kg

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