Redcore RCD P400A Digital turntable player hifi fever non destructive DSD SACD

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Redcore RCD P400A Digital turntable player hifi fever non destructive master tape DSD SACD direct reading
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No operating system, even with a 3T hard drive, it takes only 3 seconds to boot.
Good control, unlimited number of folder directories, listening to songs while browsing.
Support ape, flac, wav, dsf, dff, aiff, alac, mp3, dsd iso and dts multi-channel format music
Among them dts, including wav dts and music files with dts extension, can source or decode output (even if your decoder does not support dts, you can listen to 2 channels)
The user interface is displayed in a vector font, with a high-definition display and clear fonts.
This USB interface is a high-speed interface, supports U disk, USB2.0 and USB3.0 large-capacity mobile hard disk, can support 5 partitions, supports NTFS, FAT32, exFat file system, and has good compatibility.
Support USB hub expansion USB terminal, connect multiple USB hard disks or U disk
Supports NAS server playback and computer shared folder playback via wired network and home router networking
Support DSD (DSD64, DSD128, ISO Direct Play (Uncompressed DST))
Coaxial, fiber, and AES support DoP output.
App control software based on Android and Apple mobile phone (Android free; Apple store search: "Red Core Carousel" download APP, free)
Optional configurations are: 1. Pure turntable (only digital output); 2. With built-in dual and AK4495SEQ decoder analog output
Three core (master + dual DSP) + CPLD architecture, control, decoding and audio output are all done with independent core
Internal S dual AK4495SEQ chip decoder, can directly play DSD128 (optional)
Extreme speed boot, about 2-3 seconds start time
High definition with menu and fonts
Support SD card, support USB external mobile hard disk, U disk and USB hub to expand
Support FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and EXFAT file systems
Support for the latest GPT partitions, so there is no upper limit on the size of the device and the size of the partition (measured by 4TB)
Support mobile APP remote browsing, song selection and control, Android 7.0 and below and Apple IOS support
Support wired network connection NAS server and computer shared folder for playback
Support ID3V1, ID3V2 and APETAG resolution, automatically display the album name, singer and other information inside the song
Support remote intelligent firmware upgrade, power-off protection during upgrade process
Support loop: full cycle, full random, single directory loop, single loop
Support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Support format:
WAV: double ear canal, 5.1 channel
44.1 KHZ-192KHZ 8Bit-32Bit
Support 32 Bit Float
Support WAV DTS (built-in dual channel, source output 7.1 channel)
FLAC: two channels
Full specification support
CUE: Support CUE Sheet
Support Unicode, UTF-8, ANSI, etc.
AIFF: Double ear canal, 5.1 sound through AlAC
APE: two channels
Fast/normal/high 44.1 -192KHZ
Extra high < = 96 KHZ
MP3: two channels
Up to 320KBps
Support CBR and VBR
Support DSF/DFF/SACD IS0 (uncompressed >
DSD: DSD64 / 2.8224MHz, DoP or source output
DSD128 / 5.6448MHz, source output
ALAC: two channels
Dimensions: width 32cm, height 7cm, 25cm
Weight: About 4kg
Color classification: black gray、 silver、 white 、black

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