Redcore PCM1792A Dual DSD DAC Fully Balanced HIFI Audio DOP FPGA LCD Display

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Redcore PCM1792A Dual DSD DAC Fully Balanced HIFI Audio DOP FPGA Architecture IPS TFT LCD display
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Advantages: perfect vocal performance and especially good mid-range performance. In addition, because the support for soft control, the red core uses I2C soft control bus, hard solution DSD, can set the filter mode, de-emphasis, volume control, etc., with flexible control of the internal soft control register, plus the red core of this decoder With upgrade function, it provides a condition for future deep play, and customers can upgrade themselves remotely.
Two-chip PCM1792A decoder, working in mono mono mode
Support PCM / DSD DoP, FPGA architecture, deep soft control
Input support to 24BIT, 192K, all interfaces support PCM, DSD64 DoP input. hdmi input supports DSD source and I2S source input
Analog full balanced and single ended output
Support PCM volume control, support remote volume control (127 level volume adjustment)
Adopt AK4118 low jitter receiver
The op amp is fully gold-plated socket, and the op amp can be freely changed. (The 6-pin NE5532 or JRC5532 op amp is shipped and shipped, and customers can also replace other compatible models.)
3.5 inches IPS TFT high resolution LCD display, 480 X 320
Support for intelligent firmware upgrade (decoder is designed with SD card slot, self-upgrade through SD card customers)
Use a large number of AVX fever tantalum capacitors
2017.5.24 New Firmware Download -, Firmware Download Area

PCM1792 indicator:
Standard input interface: SPDIF, (coaxial, optical, AES digital balance, HDMI source input)
Input frequency: 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192K, 16-24BIT Automatic identification
Rated output: 4.5V rms
Frequency response: 5-20KHz+-0.1db
Machine power: < 20W
Chip part parameters:
Digital cut-off filter: -130dB
Dynamic range: 129dB
Distortion: 4.5V rms, 0.0005% or less
Dimensions: width 32cm, height 7cm, 25cm
input Output:
Digital input: coaxial, light, AES/EBU digital balance, HDMI source input
When HDMI source is input (DSD, I2S is indicated by HDMI pin 15, high is DSD, low is I2S)
Analog output: RCA single-ended (left and right channel output), XLR balanced (left and right channel output)
Power supply voltage: 220V AC input
Shipping list:
With a power cord
Remote control
Setting mode:
DE-EMP button: Can be set to 44.1K, 48K and off de-emphasis settings
MODE button: Set two filter modes of PCM1792 (Sharp rolloff - fast rolloff. Slow rolloff - slow rolloff)
MUTE button: mute function
VOL+ button : Volume + (DSD songs are not adjustable)
VOL- button : Volume - (DSD songs are not adjustable)
INPUT key : Input switching (can be switched between coaxial, optical, AES/EBU, HDMI)

Note: The remote control function does not conflict with the red core turntable. The remote control provided by this decoder can only control the volume +-, the number key 9 switches the input source, and the number key 8 switches the screen backlight.

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