Redcore ES9038Pro fully balanced DAC DSD1024 PCM 768K femtosecond USB interface

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Redcore ES9038Pro fully balanced decoder DSD1024 PCM 768K hard solution femtosecond USB interface
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FPGA master, control and decoding are each a motherboard, digital and analog separation design to eliminate mutual interference
The FPGA control logic uses a synchronous design idea. That is to say, the external signal is sampled, and the I2S and DSD timings are reconstructed by the local clock. Unlike the conventional CPLD, which only performs the simplest gating control, only a large-scale FPGA has enough resources to synchronize the full signal.
DSD hard solution, full interface supports DSD
Only the ES9038PR0 is used for DA conversion (only the internal digital and analog conversion functions are used, and the SPDIF to I2S separation function and DoP protocol inside the ES9038PR0 are not used, and the red core FPGA control board is used to achieve digital and analog independence.
HDMI input supports DSD1024. PCM768K, automatic analysis and display input song specifications (red core unique)
The USB input supports DSD512.PCM384K, which automatically analyzes and displays the input song specifications. It is compatible with the Italian USB interface (used by this unit) and is compatible with XM0S or other compatible interface schemes.
Analog single-ended, native full-balance (true balance) output
It adopts the original 3.2-inch Tianma HD display with screen resolution (480 X 320), the display content is simple and generous, the vector font display has higher definition than the traditional display, and the night listening song can turn off the screen to support the remote control and the panel. Volume, filtering, input source switching, all operations are automatically stored and memorized.
Op amp: A total of 6 single op amps are used, and the shipment is (0PA604 X 4 + LME49710 X 2 or AD797 X 2 only). The firmware can be upgraded (when new features are released, the firmware can be upgraded by SD card to complete the system. Or develop new firmware to improve system performance or sound quality, issued by the Red Core official, customer self-upgrade, the upgrade process is simple and fast.
With 3.5mm headphone jack output, you can drive the headphones (multi-level amplification will bring distortion and interference, we choose 亘 push to achieve the best fidelity)
More reasonable power supply design, strictly control the heat of the whole machine and ES9038PR0 (difficult in the industry), to avoid the aging of the internal device due to overheating of the machine caused by long-time startup or high ambient temperature.
Intelligent analysis of the input signal and complete shutdown of the ES9038 power supply during loss of lock and standby, reducing power consumption of the whole machine. Using 2 imported 25W TALEMA potting transformers, digital and analog independent power supply
Original Anson high speed high power low internal resistance rectifier tube, up to 8A. Low heat. Imported devices such as original ELNA, Panasonic FC, Panasonic FJ, AVX tantalum capacitor, sprinter, Omron relay, Furukawa plug, femtosecond, etc.
The ES9038PR0 is asynchronous, and the independent clock crystal uses the imported 100MHz CRYSTEK low-noise femtosecond clock. Rich input interfaces (coaxial, optical, BNC, AES/EBU, USB, HDMI), HDMI input, no need
The DSD 0E signal is intelligently identified by the internal logic of the FPGA.

Weight: 6 kg
Model: DAC3-ES9038PRO
Size: 430x267x74mm
Color classification: silver 、black
Manual x1
Machine x1
Remote control x1
Power cord x1

Green: Decoder board control board bare board (not ES9038PRO motherboard), no USB interface, no chassis, this configuration is only sold to users who have purchased red core AK4490, AK4495, AK4497. With your decoder board become an independent decoder supporting coaxial, fiber, HDMI and other common interfaces.
Silver: Silver ES9038PRO Machine
Black: Black ES9038PRO Machine

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