QLS QA860 digital lossless Hi-Fi DSD player DAC decoder turntable ear release

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QLS QA860 digital lossless Hi-Fi DSD player DAC decoder turntable ear release
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The price is for one of QLS QA860 digital lossless Hi-Fi DSD player DAC decoder turntable ear release

QLS QA860's high-performance microcontroller platform provides high-quality digital output under the support of the new generation power supply processing mode, zero jitter clock and digital processing circuit, and precision circuit isolation design. QLS QA860's built-in DAC module is the result of research and development by Dry Longsheng Reliance based on the “Real-World Scene and Precision Test Association Model”. Thanks to excellent frame design and high quality power supply assurance, the overall quality and sense of hearing can easily exceed most independent products at the same price level. You can easily create a PCHIFI platform by connecting the digital interface with QA860 as the core to deduce the perfect music in your heart. Super convenient high-end desktop all-in-one solution. For the amplifier or amp directly output high-quality analog signal, and has a headphone amplifier module, which can easily drive a variety of common mid-range high-end headphones. QA860 support DIFF and DSF file (DSD64, 1bit, Stereo) direct play, and supports direct play SACD ISO image file, you can directly output DSD DoP signal through coaxial, It can also output the analog signal directly through the internal CPLD and the DAC chip. The QA860 is a cost-effective DSD player. Keeping the music's original vividness and musical sense, the sound is fresh, moist, clean, transparent, full of atmosphere, the sound field is open, the two ends are extended well, and the overall sound is direct, transparent, dynamic, and sufficiently resistant to hearing.


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With digital coaxial and digital optical output, it can be used independently as a digital dial.
With digital coaxial and digital optical input, it can be used independently as a DAC.
With a large thrust headphone amplifier, the amp output is equipped with high impedance and Low impedance, which can directly push and push most of HiR headphones.
Special support for front-end functions, allowing users to connect high-quality active speakers or pure post-amplifiers without pitch control. The front-end function can be turned on in the menu settings, and the analog output pitch can be controlled through the remote controller (Note:
Due to the internal design problem of the AD1955 chip, only the level output is available in the DSD mode. The volume control of the previous stage has no effect on the DSD mode. Therefore, if your device does not have a pitch control, convert the DSD file to a WAV file. ).
The amp section is equipped with an independent analog position control. When using the internal amp, it is recommended to turn off the front level function for better sound quality.
AC input with voltage selection switch, can adapt to the power voltage of all countries in the world through the switch.
Supports direct playback of DSD64, IBitDSD files DIFF and DSF, direct playback of SACD ISO image files, and direct decoding.
Supports mainstream lossless formats such as WAV, FLAC, and MP3 lossy compression formats.
Supports playback of high bit rate WAV digital audio formats such as 24Bit/192KHZ and recording studio master WAV files.
Supports playback of WAV/FLAC/APE and CUE associated files. CUE supports ANSI, UNICODE and UTF-8 encoding.
Support SD / SDHC / SDXC, support 256G SDXC card (software upgrade support for larger capacity SD card in the future).
OSD supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English.
The aluminum panel remote controller has more quick control keys for quick search or positioning of songs, while achieving more user-friendly controls.
When you turn on the power quickly, usually the operating time of the operating system is very long, and it is easy to crash, which brings great inconvenience to the use. Our software is stable and boot time is fast.
The boot time of a full 16G card filled with songs is usually around 2 seconds, 32G filled with over a thousand songs SD card boot only takes 3-4 seconds.
The 3.2-inch LCD display shows playback information and working status.
Operation Set automatic memory.
Have the ability to select and manipulate folders directly, with the entire card/folder sequence or shuffle, with fast forward, rewind, repeat, or return to a song.
With time positioning function, it can be played directly to the specified time; it has A-B section broadcasting function. Ensure signal quality

Samples: 16Bit or 24Bit.
Sample rate: 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192K, DSD64.
Digital output interface: Coaxial x1; Fiber x1.
Digital output format: PCM / Dolby Digital / DTS / DSD64 (DoP v1.0).
Digital Input Interface: Coaxial x 1; Fiber x 1 (Supports up to 24bit / 192Khz)
Analog output interface: RCA Unbalanced x 1 group; XLR balanced x 1 group.
Amp output interface: 6.35 output x 2
Decoding chip: AD1955; l/V: OPA2134X2;
Preamplifier: LME49720x3.
Headphone chip: LME49720 + OPA2134 + TPA6120.
Input power supply: AC 100-120V or AC 220V-240V 50 / 60Hz.
Host size: 216 (width) x 330 (length) x 100MM (high).
Total power consumption: <30W.
Host net weight: 5KG.
CPU cores: dual cores
Simulation parameters: output level: 2.5V RMS.
Frequency response: 0-50kHz.
Dynamic range: 118dB.
Distortion: 0.0007%

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