QLS F1000 hifi Power Filter Power Supply Purification Filter Row Socket Plate

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QLS F1000 Audio Power Filter Power Supply Purification Filter Row Socket Plate
100% Brand New

The F1000 is a QLS-HiFi dedicated ultra-high-power box for audiophiles. It uses a revolutionary new technology: EMI filtering and lattice filling technology for special-shaped liquid metal media for regulating and purifying AC power or mains power. , can continue to provide more effective, more abundant, more pure power. The F1000 can be used in almost all audio equipment without negative impacts on the origin of the problem, reducing the negative effects of negative EMF, RF digital interference, and improving the continuity and stability of the AC waveform; at the same time, it does not limit The fluctuation of the voltage does not change the impedance of the alternating current. The current changes to the next state in a more orderly, coherent, and faster manner. In other words, the F1000 transmits power to the connected circuits in a more orderly, fast, consistent and less noisy manner. The F1000 Can be widely used in HiFi, AV fever # hi-fi and image playback, recording power supply system, microcomputer, advanced measuring instruments, medical equipment and various precision instrumentation power supply system.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


The traditional power supply upgrade is nothing more than adding filters or isolation transformers. Although it can increase the signal-to-noise ratio and resist surges, it will increase the internal resistance of the power supply and limit the bandwidth.
It is not a good idea to have adverse effects on the dynamics and sound field.
F1000 customized special components, passive filter system, focusing on the processing of the UHF high-frequency part of the sound quality, image, the impact of negative factors on the quality of the sound to a lower level.
It does not compress the low frequencies and does not enhance the high frequencies to ensure a high degree of fax. It can be used in almost all audio equipment without negative impact.
F1000 can not only be used for the pre-level, audio source, but also can be used directly in the rear power amplifier or amplifier. (The filters available in the market are mostly used in amplifiers to compress dynamics and affect the sound field).
The filter element uses liquid metal as the medium, and physically fills the missing crystal lattice in the power transmission, so that the circuit's freeway can be optimized and improved, and the sound is played well. (The response speed of the boost current has a very large impact on the sound quality).

The design uses six gold-plated universal sockets (pins) and four American-made sockets to meet different needs.
Use high quality 4 square high purity oxygen-free copper wire to reduce transmission loss and increase energy supply speed.
Using high quality power sockets, close contact, effectively reduce contact current reflection and loss.
Use the advanced backlight pointer meter to display the current AC voltage.
With lightning protection and over-current automatic protection device, practical and safe.
Use the replaceable power cord at any time to upgrade according to your personality.
All-aluminum chassis, effective shielding and interference.
Input voltage: 90V~240V AC 50/60Hz.
Maximum current: 15A.
Maximum load capacity: 3000W.
Power box size: length 350mm* width 131mm* height 78mm.
Power box net weight: 2KG.

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