QLS DA9.1 Fever DAC USB Sound Card Ear Amplifier All-in-one HiFi Decoder DSD

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QLS DA9.1 Fever DAC USB Sound Card Ear Amplifier All-in-one HiFi Decoder DSD.
100% Brand New

QLS DA9.1 Clear sound level, good resolution, high density,large amp thrust, able to adapt to most headphones.
USB interface with optional design, optional USB interface for the original Italian Amanero USB digital interface (purchased from its domestic agents - tiger fish).Customers who have not purchased the USB interface can Add original interface or lower price compatible interface


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


DA9.1 circuit design adopts ultra-low noise power chip, low phase noise low jitter crystal and clock circuit to ensure that it has vivid and natural sound details and an accurate stereo sound field, and has a good musical feeling.
At the same time, Jingzhen package also runs CCHD-575 or CCHD-957, CCHD-950. Friends who like hands-on or grinding machine can also directly replace these clocks to improve sound quality.
The amp output impedance (damping factor) is designed to be adjustable in three steps. You can adjust the output impedance to Oohm, 10ohm, and 120ohm to match different types of headphones with different models. You don't have to match the amp for different headphones.
LPF buffer dual channel op amp is designed for in-line package, which is convenient for DIY or mill enthusiasts to replace op amps by themselves.
It has two types of IIS (I2S) inputs, RJ45 and HDM, in which HDMI's I2S input mode is internally opened.
Off adjustable.

The DAC chip uses an ES9038PRO.
A total of 11 groups of low-noise high-speed power supplies, including the ADP151, LT1965, etc., are used to provide independent power to each part. The USB module is designed to be replaceable and optional. It is directly compatible with the Italian Amanero USB interface.
Digital input:
RCA coaxial x 2 groups.
Optical fiber x 1 group.
RJ45IIS(l2S)x1 group.
HDMMIS(l2S)x1 group.
USB (optional) x1 group.
All the above ports support DSD input, coaxial and fiber support DoP.
Analog output:
RCA unbalanced x1 group.
6.35 headphone port output x1 group.
Multi-color LED display, more stable performance and longer life.
Supports 7 digital filter mode selections.
ALPS potentiometer controls amp sound ray.
Sampling frequency:
Coaxial and optical fiber input: 16Bitto24Bit, 44_1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K, 176.4K, 192Khz, DSD64 (DoP).
IIS or USB input: 16Bitto32Bit, 44.1K, 48Kv 88.2K. 96K, 176.4K, 192K, 352.8K, 384Khz.
DAC chip: ES9038PRO, l/V chip: OPA1622, LPF chip: OPA1612, ear chip: OPA1622.
Amp output power: 250mW/32 0; 160mW/150 0; 80mW/300 0; 40mW/600 0.
Adaptation headphone impedance: 40 ---600 Q.
Power input: DC 12V > 1A, interface is 5.5 x 2.1, a 12V 2A switching power supply is standard, the sound is not bad, we also directly use this switching power supply at the exhibition, users who pursue better sound can also use 12V battery power , Or use _t12V line power.
Machine size: 151mm x 205mm x 55mm (pack exposed connector and sound box button) _
Machine weight: 0.85kg.
Package size: 290mm x 265mm x 77mm.
Package weight: 1.3kg.
Melokin DA9.1 decoder host x 1 set.
Input AC110-240V, output DC12V 2A DC power supply x 1.
Simple manual x 1 copy.
6.35 to 3.5 headphone converter x 1 pc.
USB-equipped machines include USB cable x 1 strip.

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