Qinpu V-6 Fishman's Song speakers loudspeakers pair 2011

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Qinpu Qinpu V-6 Fishman's Song speakers loudspeakers

2011 newest speakers of Qinpu

100% Brand New







1 X 3"speaker unit.High class MDF board with real maple wood finish. Excellent middle and low frequency performance.

Frequency Response: 80Hz-16kHz
Impedance:  6Ω
Sensitivity: 88dB
Power: 50Watts
Net weight: 1.55KG/pcs x2pcs =3.1kg(a pair)
Gross weight: 4kg
Dimension: L136mm x D102mm x H173mm x 2pcs


Fishman's Song
An old fisherman spent the night here, under the western cliff;
He dipped up water from the pure Hsiang and made a bamboo fire;
And then, at sunrise, he went his way through the cloven mist,
With only his chant  left, in the greenness of mountain and river.
...I turn and see the waves moving as from heaven,
And clouds above the cliffs coming idly, one by one.
                        ---By Liu Zongyuan , the Song Dynasty

About V-6
I always fancy the delicate sound produced by 2" speaker unit. But when it comes to perform the shoutings when "drinking in big bowls and eating meat in big pieces",the sound turns to be too loud for me to bear. It's so noisy that I feel like I'll be deaf. So one day I made my mind to design a  3" "big" loud speaker.
Actually the design of V-6 began  half  an year ago. I use the 3" speaker unit with high class long stroke alumina speaker cone. A 100Hz-16KHz broad range frequency design is also adopted.
 This speaker unit is of great  potential at the low frequency. Considering its unique characteristics, I gave up any idea of creating a box of  regular geometric shape because my purpose is to design this  particular speaker box to avoid  those harmful syntony at most ,  so that a more clean and crisp sound will  be heard. 
I have always been insisting  that desktop hifi equipment should not give prominence to  an incorrectly overstated  bass effect that make listener drowsy. After thinking it over and over, I finally built  an ivory shaped speaker box.

This style of the speaker box looks  very moving so I use maple skin which has a natural elegant bearing to decorate the box, rather than rosewood, which is of  more classic style.
There's another innovation at  the speaker cover. In stead of the snap fastener, now it uses neodymium-iron-boron magnet button to connect the cover and the speaker box. You may agree that this structure is much more practical, reliable and interesting.
First-class sound performance, state-of-the-art workmanship, unique appearance,  this is V-6 The Fisherman’s Song..


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