Qinpu S-3 HiFi speakers loudspeakers pair Chpo 2012 new

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Qinpu S-3 HiFi speakers loudspeakers A pair 2012 newest
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HiFi speakers loudspeakers pair Chpo 2012 new
Speaker - lotus
Wrote in the forum after the the Three Refuges brothers listened to my book Mandala, Buddha flowers everywhere on "an enthusiasts compliment and resonate naturally delighted. Development Mandala treble horn took me over eight months time, wondering. Since there are blooming everywhere edge, why not redouble their efforts to do a pair of three

Inch speaker of combination. The many Buddha spent several lotus holy solemn for most. Then Press the lianpan profile design cabinet, after several scrutiny and freeze the form of dynamic, smooth, yet solemn.

Buddha edge - lotus
Twenty years ago, to teach the mother to recite the "Buddha Amitabha Sutra, while teaching her illiterate, while trying to explain her story through the book, Buddhism outside, I put it stumbled, not exciting, but the mother or hear the mayonnaise flavored seriously remember the scriptures every text

Word, called my surprise, in less than a month, the mother put the scriptures literally word Norway's back down, it is the power of faith?

The Buddhist flower - lotus
Shippo pool ...... bliss country the water lotus as big as the wheel, cyan glaucoma, yellow, yellow, red red light, white white, subtle incense clean ... Land of Ultimate Bliss, the achievements of the case merit the case ... "Buddha Amitabha by.
Buddhist, Lotus decorate holy and solemn, and everyone there is no pain, only a free and happy.

Interesting 'school sound magnetic'
The Buddhist flower - lotus S-3 school sound found an interesting phenomenon - the bottom of the passive radiator to load a different number of school sound, and magnetic low frequency will appear in a different timbre, from the full fluffy IF, to deep dive full flexibility of low-frequency effects, each with its own advantages, it is difficult to make a choice.

Usually, and should take care of fish and take the bear's paw, but this time, and hope concurrently derived of the three schools will simply the sound magnetic conjunction pay on load a? Two? Or three? To decide by yourself, like what kind of sound? As you like!

Product parameters:
Speaker -------------------- (3 "+1") × 2
Frequency Range -------- 60Hz-20kHz
Impedance ---------- 4Ω
Sensitivity --------- 95dB
Power ---------- 50W
Volume ---------- 269.5 × 150.5 × 120mm
Net --------- 2.4kg * 2 = 4.8kg /Pair
GW --------- 3kg * 2 = 6kg /Pair

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