Willsenton R8 KT88/EL34 x4 Tube Integrated Amp Power Amplifier Headphone

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A long wait but it was well worth it. Overall 70 days to receive it but I chose shipping by boat and I knew this would take awhile for shipping and to clear customs.
Great communication from Yong Lee and every email I sent was responded to promptly and I appreciated this. The packaging of the amp is simply amazing and it arrived undamaged. This is my first tube amp and the instructions and labeling for tube placement is first rate.
I left it for one day to let everything come to room temperature (it was very cold when I unpacked it). I use this with a Bluesound Node (Spotify) and my speakers are Klipsch RP8000F. I did check the bias before I played the first song. The sound is fantastic right out of the box and I expect it to improve as everything burns in. My Parasound P6 pre-amp and A23+ amp may not get much use now that I have the Willsenton R8.
Overall very pleased and I would definitely say my experience with China HiFi was excellent.

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