ToneWinner TY-20 hi-fi CD HDCD MP3 PLAYER 24bit/384KHz

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Mr. Yong Lee of China Hi-Fi was very responsive to my queries when I placed the order for this product. The order was shipped out quickly via DHL and arrived just over a week. Upon receiving, I checked out the product. It is solidly built with a steel case, combined with extruded and polished aluminum face plates, an indicative of a high end equipment.
The player is powered through and connected with Yarbo cables to my Yaqin MC-100B amp./Shuguang Treasure tubes. It is in turn connected to a pair of British B & W 704 speakers. All are placed in my acoustically enhanced music room about 18 ft. x 20 ft.
The output signals from the TY-20 deliver a range of rich and dynamic sound. I compare this player to my German MBL 1431 CD player. Listen to a variety of music with both players. The TY-20 is as good, if not better than (I have to admit) the MBL 1431. Similar in design and layout of the sound board and turn table, the TY-20 is only a fraction of the price the German player. The specified D/A conversion of 24 bit/384 KHz of the TY-20 will meet the challenge of most music listeners. The TY-20 is packed with a lot of value at an economical price, highly recommended to anyone , who does not have to dig deep into one's pocket to fetch a quality and costly CD player made in Europe or America.
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