RFTLYS A2 KT88*4 hifi audio Integrated valve amplifier with Headphone amp
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Great quality product, worked and sounded great as soon as it came out of the box. There are higher end products that probably sound better, but for this price, it's astounding! Warm, full rich bass that makes my vintage yamaha integrated amp quiver out in the snow. This is my first tube amp, and this little gem sold me and 3 of my friends the minute they laid ears on it! The 1/4 inch headphone hole is full of the same aural magic, and cuts out the speakers once the headphones are inserted. Unit runs dead quiet on CD and Phono with my Lehmann black cube, and Yamaha KD750 turntable with Clearaudio Maestro wood cartridge. Listened to Classic Big Advents, with lots of jam, and tamed the cheap mid high sound they have and rocked the bottom end, and tried it with KEF LS50's and they lit up just as well, with a Rega RP1 table with an Ortophon MC3 Turbo cart, or a Wave files through streamed from Tidal of the computer. Sound Can be lively and intimate, or rich, deep, and powerful, or laid back depending on your choice of music, we tried rock, blues, pop and jazz; a very satisfying addictive amp. As well, China Hifi processed my order very quickly, with great communication, and my package was in Prince George, BC, Canada as promised in perfect condition, within two weeks of placing my order, WOW! Unit was beautifully double boxed with a manual, power cord, tubes, and spare fuse. Wonderful place to shop, ENJOY, and thanks again.
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