REISONG Boyuu MT-88 KT88*4 tube amp Push-pull Hi-Fi audio amplifier new

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this item arrived 26 days after ordered; well packaged. I was worried about what condition it would arrive in, but it was perfect. Having never heard a chinese tube amp,I was obviously worried about its sound-I shouldn't have. it replaced a 200 watt per channel 'outlaw' power amp and a rotel rsp1572 pre-pro. I am going on record as saying the Boyuu completely outplayed this $5000 combo. source is a project 5.1 with bluepoint 2 cart and a rega saturn cd player. I have been involved with stereo for 50 years, and this amp is the best money i have ever spent. it just sounds fabulous. fat bass, smooth mids, pleasing highs
Date Added: 06/01/2015 by ga** bo**e