Reisong A10 EL34 tube amp Single-end Class A integrated amplifier Boy

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I've had this amp for about 10 months and I made the mistake of 'upgrading' the power tubes to EH6CA7s. It sounded OKAY in a bedroom system used for KUSC Classical FM and NPR radio and CDs. Got into upgrading so got the SC8B SoundArtist speakers which has a lively somewhat forward sound. Combined with the A10 the sound was too bright and forward in the upper mid/lower treble area. This was odd as the online experts Zero Fidelity, Thomas and Steve Guttenberg gave the amp rave reviews really praising the midrange. I was in the process of ordering a new more powerful tube amp as I've gotten excellent sound from R8 and R35 Willsenton amps in other systems. Then one amp purchase fell through so I thought maybe I better try and tune this system. So I rolled the original Shuguang EL34s back in and bang like magic the music took on focus and coherence. The midrange in particular not just smoothed out, but really complemented the SC8Bs and became detailed, vivid yet lush or edgy as the content dictated. Spoke language sounds very natural. The pundits were correct. This little, but heavy and well made amp plays way way above its asking price. Don't be too quick with the mods like me as the Chinese engineers and manufacturing has designed and implemented an amp with a low noise floor and has been flawless in operation. It is plain that the that the amp was voiced with the Shuguang EL34 power tubes. I did change the small signal tubes to Voshkod Rocket 6N2P-ev. Anyway really extremely pleased with the sound produced by the sound produced by this A10 amp and the SoundArtist SC8B speakers. I really am turning into an audio Chinaphile. Listening to Pepe Romero on guitar from Roderigo. Exquisite.
Date Added: 02/25/2021 by Jo** O**u