Music Angel Class A tube Integrated Amplifier KT88 XD800MKIII
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I love this KT88 XD800MKIII amplifier. It took about three weeks to get it home, was well packed the outer box had some rips but the internal Styrofoam packing is very good. The tubes come in a small box also well packed and are labelled as to which socket they should be installed into (both socket and tube have markings for exact locations). The first thing that blew me away is the quality of the build of this amp I was expected a lot less (based on what reviews I could find) and this thing is heavy it's got lots of iron. I connected up my turntable and wired up my speakers (my turntable has a pre-amp on it and you will need a pre-amp of you have an older table with phono output) and started listening to the most amazing sound I have ever heard. I have vintage Advent New Loudspeakers which are notorious for being power hogs but this amp runs them loud enough at 75% volume to have my ears ringing...amazing. I am hearing music on my old vinyl that I never heard before it's like having new albums again. I listen to hard and light rock and this amp delivers. Special thanks to Yong Lee for the excellent communications. Do not hesitate to buy one of these amps my only regret is not buying one of these sooner.

Date Added: 05/04/2015 by Da**d O'Br**n