Music Angel Class A tube Integrated Amplifier KT88 XD800MKIII
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This is my first tube amp, so i can only rate it up against my solid state amp,and it is a 300watt 8ohm american one.
The Music Angel xd800mklll, do not sound like my solid state at all. Right out of the shipping box(witch was safe in double boxes)
with my turntable, and two way ScanSpeak speakers, it give me the sound i was hoping it would do.
Playing Nick Drake -bryter layter, the vocal of Nick is forward and nice sounding, piano are in my room, and guitar sounds right i think, hearing the metal strings. Bass and drums, is not big power, but more tight and in tune with the other instruments and vokal.
This is out of the box, and my speakers is also brand new, and not played in at all, and i know both the amp and speakers, will sound better and better with more playing time. So this far i am very pleased that i bought
the Music Angel. I think it gives very much good sound, for little money. And it is a heavy and well build, good looking amp.
I am happy.
From Yngve, in Norway.
Date Added: 05/27/2017 by Yn**e Grøns**h