Meixing MingDa MC368-B KT88 tube stereo Integrated Amplifier

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Product arrived within 7 days from China to Canada. I bought this Ming Da amp because its a 100% handcrafted. It was very well pack with 2 boxes and high density black foam. The tubes are boxed individually and were placed within the amp protected by a cage.

Sound quality.... without preamp is better than i expected, at first i just powered this amp without preamp (XiangSheng 728A Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier Japan circuit black) which i also bought from this site at the same time. I connect it directly from my iphone via phone jack to RCA to the back of the mingda. it is clear and very well define. However it is still too early to judge the true sound as the tubes need to break in for at least 60 to 80 hours. Just to remind you guys, don't turn up the volume too high for the break in period.

sound quality test 2 (with connection to preamp XiangSheng 728A Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier Japan circuit black).. after the connecting the preamp to this ming da... i can have full control to tune the treble and bass. The main reason i bought this preamp is because it has 2 output one is high independent and one is low independent. i use the low independent to the intergrated ming da amp and connect the high independent to my powered subwoofer. As a result i have full control of how much bass i want.

Stereo layout:
Mingda kt88 amp (drives the Klipsch speakers Premier Reference Series)
XiangSheng 728A Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier Japan circuit black (drives the Klipsch powered subwoofer Premier Reference Series)

Conclusion as of today:
Sound quality is excellent but i bet once the amp is completely break in the sound will be more full,
Quality of the preamp is nicely build given the fact it uses chinese tubes but still very good)
Quality of the Mingda amp is well build, and clean

In a few months i will update for its reliability, sound quality or any other unforeseen circumstances.

i would recommended this to anyone.
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