BoyuuRange A50 MKIII 300B Single-end Class A Tube Intergrated Amplifier Reisong

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First of all thank you China HiFi and Yong Lee for the speedy response to my emails.

This amplifier is fantastically good just out of the box. Had always wanted a 300b SET amplifier to try out after constant recommendation to me from my audiophile friends but could not afford one due to the cost until I chance upon the review of this amplifier on YouTube that made me plunge into it. Having heard from friends 300b, this amplifier is a run for the money. Sound is clear and transparent with pretty good holographic vocal presentation. Notes from strings and piano decay really well and there is really good lower frequency response, not too light nor too heavy, just the right amount. Cannot wait to let it run in further with perhaps even better sound.

Do not ever be put off by the small output wattage. With good design and parts pairing up for the amplifier it can give you an exceptional performance.

Amplifier - Reisong BoyuuRange A50 MKIII 300b
CDP - Rega Apollo
Speakers - DIY Full Range (Audio Nirvana)
Interconnect - Blue Jeans LC-1
Speaker cable - Tributaries Cable
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