Shengya CS-3 full balance preamplifier XLR pre-amp Black

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Shengya CS-3 full balance preamplifier
Brand New
this CS-3 was discontinued, there is a upgrade version of Shengya CS-3 amp link below,



1. using the advanced design of the dual-mono fully balanced amplifier, two channels are completely independent; in order to reduce dynamic crosstalk per channel with a power transformer and special transformer shielded box to eliminate power supply noise .
2. enlarge part of the core of the accumulation of many years of experience has developed a high-speed DC amplifier module chip, wide frequency response, low distortion, thin and thick sound performance. And vast dynamic and active, sound quality is beyond many so-called advanced audio ICs and discrete components.
3. volume control for the day ALPS quadruple precision potentiometer, channel error is small, long life, but to ensure a beautiful timbre. Joined the remote volume, so that users can more conveniently.
4. output stage FET CPI output, easily drive any post-amplifier.
5. with native extreme performance, using MKP audio specialty films non-polar capacitors, 1% precision metal film resistors, parallel precision regulated power supply.
6. design to reflect product content as the main purpose, rich in detail and elegant, natural wonderful and unpretentious. Boldly installed the world of today's one silver with black, and decorated with a small amount of aluminum metal color components which not only enhances the visual impact, So that the black produced an unprecedented charm.

Technical parameters:

Frequency response --------------- 20Hz-20kHz ± 0.5dB
Rated output voltage --------------- 2V
Harmonic Distortion --------------- ≤ 0.1% (1kHz 2V)
Input Sensitivity --------------- 450mV
SNR --------------- 90dB
Input impedance --------------- 47kΩ
Power supply voltage --------------- 220V(±10%) 50Hz
Dimensions (W × H × D) --------------- 446 × 113 × 420 (mm)
Dimensions (W × H × D) --------------- 473 × 152 × 472 (mm)
Net weight: 12.5kg
Gross weight: 14kg

*1.Backplane above, CS-3, a total of six audio input terminals and three audio output terminals, to support balanced and unbalanced connections. Above the power outlet in order to ensure the safety of the equipment attached to the AC power fuse.
*2. CS-3 preamp with true dual-channel fully balanced design, the two channels are completely independent. In order to reduce dynamic crosstalk per channel with a power transformer and special transformer shielded box to eliminate power supply noise.
*3. Class A output stage FET constitutes a CS-3 power output stage section. In general, between and after class that it can better power match, do not worry plenty of energy. In the amplifier circuit, the aircraft used by the sound Ya self-developed high-speed amplifier module. The substance of this amplifier module is a large-scale integrated circuit, the amplifier circuit to the metal shell of solid seal it up, and play a good heat dissipation and shielding effect. The module for wide frequency response characteristics, a small distortion of technical indicators of the degree, has a very important role.
*4. CS-3 the volume of the controller selects the Japan Alps produced a large quad-mounted high-precision potentiometer. Channel error is small, long life, is an important reason for this high-quality potentiometer can be selected for the former class. CS-3 which joined the remote control volume system so that users can more conveniently. Its remote control is similar to the game handle design is very unique.
*5. In other parts of the selection of MKP audio film polar capacitor and a 1% precision metal film resistors, parallel precision regulated power supply and other components to ensure the sound quality and reliability of the CS-3 preamp.

Feel sound elegant product design has matured, has gradually formed its own style, the appearance of the CS-3 before class is such a typical representative. Its appearance with a double-panel design to reflect the product content for the main design purpose, bold and simple design, from the inside out, showing the natural rather than artificial temperament. CS-3 main operating panel at the middle of the body slightly forward, protruding only an intermediate power button, all the major features are concentrated in two large knobs on top. The knob on the left is responsible for selecting the input signal, the right of the knob as a volume control. The body panels are pure black design, easy to use, two knobs on top of installed red light, in order to facilitate adjustment positioning. The processing of such an easily overlooked details, making people feel very intimate.

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