Our Warranty service in OTHER COUNTRIES


Why my country / city can't be seen among the countries mentioned above?

Please don't worry about this section. As long as your HiFi items are purchased in our shop, you could enjoy our Warranty Service fairly as any countries.

Because we are located in China, we wanted you to feel secure that we offer a real warranty service similar as a local purchase you would do in Your Country. And let you know in advance what service we offer exactly in the very unlucky case you would face a warranty issue.

On the one hand, we may not have a repair center in your city now. On the other hand, the shipping cost to one of our repair center which far from your city can be an issue. So if there is any problem with your amplifier or it needs repair, please contact us first.


We are working hard to find more partners around the world. If you know a repair shop you trust in your city, please feel free to contact us. We will be very appreciate that.


What to do in the event your purchased item develops any problem ?

Despite we have an incredible packing, despite we use the best carriers, the 0% damage doesn't exist. Until now, the only problem we face were due to parcels shaken too much during shipment and tube filaments dead or burst.

First, send us an email and describe the problem.

> We will diagnose your problem and then contact you and provide solutions within 24h.(Except weekends)

90% of the troubles that occur with tube amplifiers usually have to do with a tube default. Many troubles are minor ones that can be solved with a few easy tips to follow. Email is our first choice of communication because of accent issues. From our experience, more than 90% problems about the Amplifier can be solved by email.

So please remember, any questions please feel free to contact us.


> If the problem can't be resolved, then you have to send it to our maintenance center in your city or in a city close to yours.

> We want to make a warning that our repair time might be slightly longer and we ask your kind understanding for this. We will repair most products within 3 weeks, excluding shipping time.

Who will pay the shipment cost to our maintenance center?

> During the warranty period, all cost of maintenance are paid by us(the seller). However you only need to pay the shipping cost from your address to our repair center.

If the problem is the tube damaging, you need to send it to China, and pay for the shipping cost to China for the tube because the tube can not be repaired, we will send a good new tube to you from China.

> If you have any other question about our warranty prior your purchase, please feel free to send us an email at support china-hifi-audio.com@hotmail.com