Opera Consonance Linear17 Power conditioner Regenerative power supply processor

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Opera Consonance Linear17 Power conditioner Regenerative power supply processor 8 US outlets
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Working principle and characteristics:
Linear17 is a special audio-specific regenerative power supply that produces a perfect sinusoidal AC voltage from a DC voltage, which is amplified and expanded to form the same AC voltage output as the mains.
The traditional regenerative power supply usually turns the input mains voltage into a direct current, and then converts it into a direct current by DC conversion. In theory, no matter how serious the interference pollution of the mains is, the whole type is eliminated, and the Regenerated pure AC. The problem is that this conversion process is still completely disconnected from the mains. The various high-frequency interference components of the mains are inevitably coupled to the final output, and the voltage fluctuations of the mains, the ripple of the filter circuit, etc. It will have a certain impact on the output, and the actual application performance is not absolutely perfect.
Linear17 circumvents this problem and directly uses the lithium battery module as the DC part. The entire conversion process is completely disconnected from the mains, and the interference of various commercial powers no longer exists. It is a truly independent "generator". .
The core technology of the regenerative power supply is the reference signal regeneration circuit, which is divided into digital and analog. The frequency of the reference signal generated by the digital circuit is stable, but the signal still contains certain high-frequency components, which cannot be pure. The reference signal generated by the analog circuit can output a pure perfect sine wave, but the frequency is unstable. Linear17 combines the advantages of two lines. The main oscillator circuit uses an analog circuit to control its frequency and phase with a precise digital reference signal to obtain a perfect, ultra-stable reference sine wave.
Behind the Linear17 main unit, the output voltage (220V or 230V) and the power frequency (50 or 60Hz) can be adjusted to customize the required AC power. Different power frequencies will produce different sound effects, which is one of the playing points of this Linear17.

Output interface: 8-digit American standard
Host power: 520W
Battery capacity: 1200WH
Input voltage: 176-284V
Output voltage: 220V or 230V
Power frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz
Volume (D × W × H):
Host 480mm × 340mm × 60mm
Battery box 480mm × 340mm × 60mm
Net weight: 67kg

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