Consonance Cyber tube 300B Dual Mono power amplifier Pair

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Opera Cyber 300B Dual Mono power amplifier hifi Audio vacuum tube A pair
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a) None negative feedback designto give the shortest signal path. Output transformer wound with special audio coating, and made from silicon steel laminations to resist saturation and provide linear frequency response.
b) Rectifier 5AR4 tube in the power supply lets through all the magical tone of the 300B .
c) Quiet torroidial power transformer; choke filtered power supply. Very powerful mono-triode 6C45pi direct drive the TJ/Full music 300B delivering 10W output power. Quality parts throughout and point to point wiring.


Control Functions: Power On/Off
Power Output: 10W, RMS 1kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: less than 1%(5watt, 1kHz)
Frequency Response: (-3dB points at 5 watt) 50kHz
Input Sensitivity: 1.35V
Input Impedance: 100kΩ
Output: 4, 8Ω. User selectable.
Signal/Noise: 90dB
Consumption: 90W x 2
Input Interfaces: 1 group (RCA)
Overall Negative Feedback: None
Vacuum Tube: 5AR4 x 2, 6C45P x 2, 300B x 2
Power supply voltage: 110/220V 60Hz/50Hz
(110V,120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will
take 3-14 work days to order),
220V version is in stock
Dimensions: 412(L) x 220(W) x 166(H) mm
Net Weight:30kgx2
Gross Weight: 65kg

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