MUZISHARE Audio P-10 Power filter socket pure clean outlet for hifi amplifier

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MUZISHARE P-10 Power filter socket pure clean outlet for hifi audio amplifier phono
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MUZISHARE P-10 Power filter Socket

MUZISHARE P-10 anti-interference power filter can remove the power supply noise so that the power supply more efficient, cost-effective, it is the best choice for the users who have high expectations on power.
Each group socket uses overload protection, polarization filtering, anti-jamming technology to reduce the interference between products in the power supply.
Easy to install. If the power phase and ground connection is correct, when you turn on the power, the corresponding indicator light.
This power socket provides a dedicated ground wire to connect sensitive devices such as LP turntables, phono player, headphone amplifiers and more.

1, MUZISHARE P-10 filter using PZT(piezoelectric ceramic transducer) polarization filter components rather than ordinary filters, ordinary filters work only in the high-frequency part; MUZISHARE P-10 filter work begin from 10K which impact of sound quality and video quality, can reduce the communication more than 95% of the noise, the sound quality and quality of the effect can clearly be improved.
2, OXF zero cross-talk filtering, each socket has a specific filter circuit, can reduce the interference of the specific filter to ensure the purity of the power supply.
3, The special connection of the star-type wiring not only isolates the crosstalk between the wire and the socket, but also enhances the driving force of the current, which can drive a large current power amplifier, receiver or subwoofer.
4, AC filter output using a high-quality DCT duplex socket.
5, hardened aluminum panels and metal sheet metal shell can isolated RMI and RFI.

Technical Specifications:
Rated current: 20 A
Peak protection mode: L-N, N-G, L-G, on-site discharge
Peak clamp voltage: 800VPK @ 3,000 amps, 250 VAC RMS
Response time: 1 nanosecond
The maximum inrush current: 13000 A
The maximum peak energy: 380 Joule / single mode, 1140 Joule / total
Noise attenuation:> 10dB @ 10KHz., > 46dB @ 100KHz, > 100dB @ 1-10MHz
Dimensions: 372mm × 120mm × 65mm (L × W × H)
Net Weight: 3.4 kg
Gross weight: 4.5 kg
Working voltage: 190-250 volts

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